On the back of the mittens can be embroidered flowers.To do this, use the wool threads about the same thickness.The core of the daisies, sunflowers and poppies are made with the help of French knots - the method of stitching nakidyvaniem two or three turns on the needle.To create a plant stems, use a seam "back needle" or tambour, in this case, the branches will consist of chain links.If you want to stay on the little mittens roses, use a loop knot and rococo, they are similar to the French knots, but the number of turns of thread on the needle in them is much greater.It is not necessary to make a symmetrical pattern on the mittens, the main thing that the color scheme is the same for both.Do not overtighten the thread that embroiders because when washing wool can sit down and pull
You can also decorate the mittens with ribbons, with their help, you can create colors, strange birds and ornament.Feeds pull the hole in between the hinges, gently attach to the back side.If you use a synthetic ribbon anneal their edge so that it is not dissolved.But try to secure seats tapes were not very many, because the burnt edges will scratch hands and face the back of the gloves will look uneven.
For decoration use delicate lace mittens, its combination with the dense viscous will be particularly eclectic.Accurately enough to sew a strip of lace around the mitten at wrist or where the thumb separated from the other.Choose lace, contrasting primary color of thread.Lace small blind stitches secure the entire length of both sides.Try to thread knitted fabric does not contract.On the back of the gloves sew on some lace beads the size of a pea.
Using small pieces of dense fabric can make application on mittens.Sketch drawing that you are going to create a mitten, cut out of paper required details, make a paper pattern of the fabric.Using the loop stitch, sew carefully every detail from all sides to the knitted fabric, thread hide from the back side.In addition to the reasons of the tissue using a two-way expanse made woolen threads.