Bow based on a template

most simple bows for design jewelery gifts carved from the bright wrapping paper: smooth or corrugated.For the manufacture of a bow on a paper sheet is necessary to draw patterns of the two workpieces.One of them should be in the form of a bow with rounded, slightly elongated edges;second workpiece - in the form of a bow with a V-neck on the edges.

Ā«PetalsĀ» the first billet pull to the center and fixed with glue.After the item has dried, it is glued in the middle of a bow carved edges.Connection pieces disguised using small strips of paper that are glued in the narrow central part of the resulting double-layered bow.

Bow in the form of bulk asterisks

more sophisticated version of the paper manufacturing bow requires perseverance and a certain sleight of hand.To make bulk pointed star, it will take fi
ve paper round billets, the diameter of which depends on the size of future bow.

Each round piece is folded four times, carefully proglazhivaya fold line.Then unfold the blank and an incision on the crease a little before reaching the center of the circle - all should have eight petals.Use a pencil to each petal twist "a pound" with a sharp edge;to work is not unfolding, its edge is fixed a small drop of glue.The resulting

stars set against each other by placing them in a checkerboard pattern rays and sealed transparent glue.In the uppermost part mounted pencil and strongly pressed all the blanks to each other so that rays sprocket lifted up and covered the empty space in the center.

lush bow

to manufacture luxurious holiday bow in a lush flower will need eight strips cut from two-sided paper.The first three sets of strips of the future value of a bow, the second trio should be less than the first one and a half to two centimeters, the last two strips are cut shorter than the second three centimeter.The width of all workpieces is two centimeters.

Of all the strips are glued ribbons, folding blank as a sign "infinity."Thereafter bows of the longest strip glued to each other, distributing the "petals" in a circle next flower.Once the glue is dry on the workpiece, to her on the same principle is adhered all other bows, placing them in a staggered loop.

of a strip of paper of the same color, and all the details that make a small ring and fixed with glue it on top of the resulting flower, covering the empty space in the center of the smallest, the upper bow.