Making pictures on the basis of ready-made cards

easiest way to manufacture cards with newborn - is to use ready-made images with cupids, angels and fairy-tale characters.Choose cards to your taste, and do more with your photos of cute baby.

You can buy the same batch of pictures to send someone all identical gifts with a picture of the newborn.But it is better to dial a variety of cards, because people's tastes differ, and if schoolgirl niece overjoyed picture with hearts, uncle baby is likely to be enthusiastic about the collage with cars.

Lay all purchased cards on the table and choose from photos of the newborn ones that are suitable in size and will fit well into the design of the image.Carefully cut out photos of the baby's face or figure, and attach to the

You can get a picture with your baby as angels, fairies, Amurchik and other fairy-tale characters.You can make it even easier and stick photo of a newborn on a card, which depicts a stork carrying a baby.If you do not find any pictures on sale, use the card with flowers in pastel colors, the baby will fit perfectly in a bouquet.

Applications and collages with newborn

To produce an original postcard with a newborn is necessary to prepare a colored and white cardboard, colored paper, scissors and glue.Useful and useless vivid pictures, the colorful cover of served their notebooks.

To obtain pictures with a baby-girl cut from colored paper or old postcards flowers, hearts, kittens figurines, ornaments and items of women's wardrobe.In the center of a blank sheet of cardboard, place the baby picture and surround its bright carved details.

Decor cards can be supplemented with sparkling sequins.You can buy a special paint or varnish with small shiny items, but you can draw a brush with a transparent adhesive simple elements, and sprinkle on top of the glittering powder.Be sure to wait until the card dry.

Application or a collage with a newborn boy will be filled with elements of the "brutal" man's life - dumbbells, bikes, cars, fishing poles, bikes and other such things.To enliven the picture may be cut figurines natured dogs and beautiful fish.

Each card is unique and unrepeatable.It is important to keep them and show your child when he grows up.