you need
  • - milk;
  • - sugar;
  • - condensed milk;
  • - powdered sugar;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - gelatin;
  • - food coloring;
  • - pastry spatula;
  • - marshmallow candies.
for independent production mastic there are several options - a paste of milk or gelatin or marshmallow candy.The easiest way to prepare dairy mastic.The same amount of milk and sugar in a bowl, mix, then add in a lot of condensed milk, all in the proportion of one to one.Get viscous consistency similar to clay.
then the resulting mass to
give the necessary form - that is simply blind from her desired decoration (flowers, houses, etc.).If the mass sticks to the fingers - should add powdered sugar.If too quick congeals need to wrap it in plastic wrap.
little harder to prepare gelatin sealant.Gelatin for forty to sixty minutes in a little water, then heat in a water bath and refrigerate.
in refrigerated liquid gelatin, add powdered sugar, making it gradually and gently stirring spatula mass.After kneading make the dates of your jewelry and let the mass cool.Both mastic can tint using food coloring, making decorations for the cake even more festive.It is necessary to take into account the presence of allergies in people who will use such decorations, better to ask about such troubles in advance of your guests.For children it is also not advisable to use products that contain a lot of dye.Such ornaments from mastic can be stored, if you give them to dry thoroughly.
Another quite interesting option cooking mastic - of marshmallow.This candy-like consistency to the marshmallows, but more airy.To prepare such mastic podtopit lightly over medium heat and candy when they become elastic, fashion jewelry using spatulas, not forgetting to pour powdered sugar to mastic strongly sticking to the table, fingers and spatula.Ready ostyvshimi figures decorate the cake.