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To tie a scarf, you will need to hook thread and knitting.It is clear that the old scarf should be made of a relatively thin yarn.The thinner the thread, the easier it will look and fishnet finished product, which is important for hot days.
better to give preference yarns of materials such as cotton, bamboo, viscose.They can be taken both in pure form and in various combinations.Pay attention to the label of yarn.For knitting yarn scarves suit marked 50g / 240 m or thinner.It is understood that the thinner the yarn the greater the yardage on a reel similar weight.As a rule, enough for a small scarf around 50 g of yarn.

Then choose a suitable hook.Normally, recommendations for the selection of the hook are also available on the package of yarn.However, we can take the hook and smaller.Thus, if the number recommended h
ook 2 can be used for knitting and the number or even number 1.5 1,3.It is only necessary to consider that in this case, the product will be more dense and less elastic.Of course, the quality of the mating depends on the individual density of the knitting needlewoman - it must also be taken into account.

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Solitaire is a triangle, which means that for its production can use any scheme you liked the triangular shawl.With the size is not difficult to determine.Usually triangular shawl is knitted on the angle, gradually expanding at the expense of increases.Finish knitting can be when the length of the upper side of the triangle is equal to the associated circumference of the head of the future owner of the headscarf.

choosing a pattern, consider that the more dense pattern will make your product more difficult, but the finished scarf would be better protected from the sun's rays.Too openwork product in a pattern which is dominated by rather long chains of aerial loops, will wear more decorative function.

If the scheme shawls that you have chosen, does not provide for binding, the edge pattern for decoration, you can choose yourself.The more complex the main figure, the more simple and modest piping should choose.In contrast, complex beautiful fringe decorate the most simple headscarf associated, for example, of the arches overhead loops.Piping finished product edged makes sense only add length to 2 lower edges of kerchiefs.The upper edge (bow head) better to make more dense.This can be done, for example, to finish knitting 1-2 rows or columns with nakida gum.

Performing buckles or laces will be the final step in knitting.If you plan to attach a scarf using the buttons, the button is sewn on one of the side edges of the article and for her vyvyazyvayut loop at the opposite end.By the way, can serve as a hinge and the arch of the air loop, which is part of the border.

If you decide that the scarf is attached to the string, tie the two fairly dense and not too wide strips of the same length.They can be executed with nakida columns or other means.It is only important to remember that the ties must be strong enough and not too stretched.