Tip 1: Contact fishnet gloves

Fishnet Gloves - a great addition to an evening dress.They can be long or short, depending on the style of dress.Lacy may be like all the details, and insert on the back or inside of the arm.They can be made with closed toes, without tips or even just with openings.Gloves associated with needles, softer and more elastic.Hook also can be linked such that will simulate tatting.Possible combination of techniques.
you need
  • - cotton thread "iris", "Poppy" or "snowflake";
  • - circular needles №1,5;
  • - hook №1 or 1.5.
Gloves better knit on circular needles.Calculate the loop for hosiery knitting and basic pattern of the wrist.The basic pattern is knitted in the following way (edge ​​loops are not included in the description).1 number - 1 front loop, 1 Wrong, 1 front, 1 nakida, with 2 front, 1 front, 1 Wrong, 1 front.2 row knit purl loops.When knitting on circular needles they will.Accordingly, facial.3rd row - 1 Wrong, 2 facial, nakida 1, 2 along the front, 2 facial, 1 Wrong.Row 4 purl
knit.On the fifth row pattern repeats.
dial the desired number and divide into 4 spokes.The first row of purl knit loops and lock it in a circle.Tie another 5 rows purl one, then - 4 series of facial, purl rows over 6 and 4 facial.The rim has finished six rows backstitches loops.You get 3 convex rings backstitches.Tie a couple of rows of facial and go to the main picture.
order not to lose at vyvyazyvanii drawing, mark the beginning of a circle bundle different color.In any case, you should have longitudinal stripes fishnet.Nakida arranged through a series of two coupled together loops and vice versa.Knit this pattern to the wrist.
Determine where gloves will back side.You can mark the edges.Rear side continue to knit openwork stripes.Arrange them so that one of them went in the direction of the thumb and the rest - right.From the palm of one glove knit facial loops.The border will go in the middle of 4 needles for gloves and left in the middle of 3 - to the right.Home thumb mark bundle different color.
Tie Wedge thumb.To do this, knit purl all sts on 4 needles, leaving the latter.Before her make nakida, knit it wrong and then make nakida.You must add 2 loops.Make sure that the last nakida not down.The following 4 rows knit in pattern.On the back of the hand and thumb half do openwork band, and the second half of the palm thumb knit purl.After 4 rows again add loops for the wedge.At this time dovyazyvayte 3 loops.Make nakida before them, knit and purl them again made nakida.Tie another 4 laps.The next time you do the addition, not until the end of the fourth dovyazav spokes 5 loops.Since the thin thread, it is necessary to add a few more times.Do this by 4 rows.Whenever an odd number not dovyazyvayte loops - 7, 9, 11 and so on.
Do not forget to try on a glove.When dovyazhete to the base of the thumb, knit loops that are in front of the wedge.Himself a wedge to remove the pin or additional thread.In the next row, type of aircraft taken off the hinges.There should be 4 times less than you took.Make a circle.Then start to diminish by 2 loops of newly recruited.They form the edge of the hole.Provyazyvayte together by two hinges on either side of the finger.The rest of the loop, located on the 4-spoke knit in pattern.In the end, you should have enough loops, how many were in the beginning.
Knit in pattern almost to the base of the little finger.When the remaining number of 2-4, stop to knit stripes and knit all purl loops.Spread the loop for the rest of the fingers.Divide the number of loops at all 8. Half loop goes to the upper halves of fingers, the second half - on the bottom.Hardly at division you get an integer.The residue is distributed equally between the middle, index and ring fingers.
hinges, remove the little finger on the pin or additional thread.Do not forget to make a bridge between it and the ring of 4-6 air loops.Make 3-4 range, determine the location for the index finger, and the hinges are designed for middle and ring, clear.Make a jumper between the index and middle fingers of 4-6 air loops.Fingers easier to knit than five spokes and four.Dovyazhite index finger to the desired length, then drain loop provyazyvaya them 2 until 1 st remain.Her tighten, tear off the thread and bring it to the wrong side.Then tie the finger, then the ring and little finger.
Return to the thumb.Remove the hinge pins and a knit one purl loops to the desired length.Release the loop in the same way as you did when knitting fingers.Right glove knit the same way, but in mirror image.

Tip 2: How to connect

gloves Gloves should be knit in a circle with five spokes, starting from the wrist.In order to tie the gloves you need 40-135 grams of yarn.

  1. typed on two spokes 60 loops and one released.The first row of tightly tied rubber band, thus there is a distribution of the four loops on the spokes.The first 15 are knitted loops of the first needle, following a second needle, then a third needle, the last 15 loops fourth needle.Thus, it should get 60 loops knit with four spokes, a fifth remains free (working needle).For the first hinge pin to pin the needles can be a guide to knitting.The first and second upper hinge provyazyvayutsya spokes of the glove at the third and fourth - the lower part - palm.Then knitting closes the circle, connecting thread from the yarn to the end, which was on the set of loops.Further knitting gloves going clockwise around the outer circle of the gum base.

  2. provyazyvaniya wedge thumb.On gloved left hand, the wedge is on the fourth spoke, and on the right glove - the third spoke.Knit wedge follows the gum or provyazyvaniya key figures.Wedge performed by adding loops.

  3. the openings for the little finger.Hinges for the little finger are located at the beginning of third spokes and a second end.It is necessary to knit three or four laps before the start of the index finger.

  4. Performing forefinger.First provyazyvayut forefinger.The hinges are located at the end of four spokes and the beginning of the first, in the total should be 17 loops.After the appearance of jumpers number of loops will be 21.

  5. Knitting middle finger.It should be connected after the index, only 23 loops.Knitting needles used three.

  6. Implementation of the ring finger.Hinges with thread are transferred to the needles, starting from the top, a total of 17 loops.The spokes with three loops of the loop are recruited jumper middle finger.Knit be a circle, on the same principle as that of the other fingers.

  7. provyazyvaniya little finger.Hinges with pins must be transferred to two needles.4 On the third dialed loop jumper ring finger, only 19 loops.Next, finger provyazyvaetsya others.

  8. Knitting thumb.Hinges with pins carried over two spokes, and are drawn from the third top part.Knitting is performed in a circle to the middle of the nail, and then decreases as the rest of the fingers.

described method helps you to quickly and easily tie the gloves that will please you in cold weather.

Helpful Hint
Hook can associate a long braid at first, and then put her fit figure.Braid knit as follows.Make a chain of 5 stitches.Knit a number of columns with each column nakida chain.Turn the knitting, and instead tie the loops on the rise at the edge of a chain of 5-6 loops.Nakida knit columns with each column of the previous row.Uepochki do at the beginning of each row.

Build gloves or put a pattern, draw a pattern on it, imitating the bobbin lace.Place the braid on the lines drawing and fasten the hook for "ears", which were formed at the beginning of each row.In those places where there are fingers align the edges of the lace chain stitches.Fingers knit columns without nakida or polustolbikami.