you need
  • fabric finishing edge, sewing machine, scissors.
Tunics for pregnant women should be free to cut, sew so easily do the job and starts dressmaker.Take natural fabric - jersey, velvet, jersey, fine wool - with a width of 1.5 it will require one length plus the width of the sleeve.Measure the hips and the length of the product.Fold the fabric in half and again fold in half, Molds cut right back and shelf.The edges will sideline, fold - the middle.Put ΒΌ of the volume of the mid thigh, in the case of sewing knitwear.If the fabric is inextensible, to this value, add 3 cm. Draw a vertical line.
at the top of the midline aside 7 cm on the neckline, down along the edge of Measure out 4 cm and swipe through point slash.If the boat will gorlovinka, the depth asi
de: for shelves - 8 cm, the back - 4 cm, are possible options - like round neckline, deep neckline make more.
From the top of the shoulder width aside sleeves and smooth line to connect the side.Back down by 1-1.5 cm and draw a parallel, it will seam allowances.Pattern ready, cut out details on the allowance.Neck cut out on the top line, and then separately on the shelf cut the proper depth.Tunica turned short sleeve half-mast.Do you want long sleeves, carve out and sew them separately to the deflated shoulder.
gorlovinki need for processing piping, it cuts out from the remnants of fabric on the bias.Fold the piece of cloth in half, attach the back, trace the line of the neck and shoulder, back 6 cm and draw parallels.Similarly, draw a shelf facings, duplicate flizelinovye parts and glue them iron.
Deal slices on overlock, Stitch shelf and back, Sew piping parts.All seams razutyuzhte.Attach the piping to the neck, "face to face", combining the side seams as it prostrochite.To lay a good finish, cut the seam allowances "out" on the edge of the neck.Fold the piping inside, back from the edge of the foot and Stitch.Sew it on the side seams.
Tuck and prostrochite bottom tunic and sleeves.Knitted product can double needle stitch, turn carefully and beautifully.New dress ready.Are pieces of fabric - Sew pockets.Want to get creative thing obsheyte fringed hem.