you need
  • - skein of acrylic yarn beige or pink;
  • - little brown yarn;
  • - colored floss;
  • - hook;
  • - scraps of fabric;
  • - line;
  • - needle;
  • - scissors.
Take yarn beige or pink color and cut of the coil portion of the length of 40 cm. With this pattern, make a tight bundle of threads, and then fold it in half.
Align the bottom of the resulting filament bundle (it consists of loose ends of yarn) sharp scissors.Top billet - the future of the doll's head.
Retreat 5-6 cm from the top and make the doll's neck - tightly tie a scrap yarn thread .Be sure to use thread for ligation of the primary coil, so they do not catch the
eye.These "tails" can be charged inside the toy body.
Measure 9 cm from the toy neck and make another sash - before you toy trunk.For the manufacture of the doll-boy should be divided lower beam of yarn into two equal parts (feet), then tie each.
Basis doll girl made as in the model, but the legs can not do - freely fray bottom of the unit will serve as a toy skirt.
Separately fold the bundle of thread a length of about 15 cm in length - is the future hand toys.They also fixed thread at the ends, and then ready to pass a limb should be through the torso of the toy.
toy boy did a bang: a hook extends through the thickness of the top blank brown scraps of wool or acrylic fibers, and then bundle them in the middle of the knot.
fashioned hat.Follow the ring crochet 4 stitches and start doing circular rows, adding loops (of each column of the lower number - just 2).
Make another knitting circle smaller.Spend on the bottom edge of the seam parts manual and tighten the crown in the shape of a hemisphere.Tamp it unnecessary scraps of yarn and sew a large mug (fields headdress) a hidden seam.A few stitches secure the hat on his head doll.
on the doll's head, the girls put a beam of yellow thread and sew them on the center line - a line will form a parting.The tips of "Hair" tie in bunches and garnish with red ribbons.
you left you arrange dolls thread.Sew a patchwork of colorful cloth girl - sundress, boy - shorts and vest.If you have a way with a hook for clothes filament toys can be made of knitted fabric.And the final touch - embroider face colored thread floss.