The easiest way to give money - to roll up their pre in a jar.To do this, take an ordinary glass jar, put it in bank notes (it is desirable to fill the jar to the brim, this money can be exchanged for a fine), then close the jar with a lid and roll.The very same bank can decorate, paint special paints and glue interesting label, such as "reserves for the winter", "cauliflower", and so on. D.

Another great option is to give money - do it now, "Moneytree".To do this, take a sheet of cardboard, draw it on the tree (trunk and crown), after which the crown with a sharp knife make incisions width equal to the width of banknotes (number of cuts should be cooked to the number of bills).Car

efully cut each insert coin to the middle, and then fold the bill.As a result, one half of the banknote should be on the front of the picture, the other - on the reverse.So put all the paper money on the crown, coins of different denominations stick against a tree trunk, and then put the finished picture in the frame prepared in advance.

look quite interesting bills wrapped into a tube and tied with bright ribbons.If the birthday boy is smoking, then give him a handsome cigarette case, placing it instead of cigarettes money "rolls".

If the birthday girl - a woman, give her a basket of sweets (candy, chocolate and so on. D.), And a box of chocolates in advance devastate and lay it beautifully tied with bright ribbon money.

Quite an interesting birthday gift - a block of ice and a hammer.However, before such a pripodnesti gift, you need to work a little.First of all, prepare the money, repack them securely in plastic or in an ordinary balloon, and then place them in a container with water and freeze.