you need
  • - graph paper or drawing paper;
  • - long range;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - tape measure.
Remove the necessary measurements.You definitely need to know putting the chest and hips, neck girth and length of the product.If you are going to use multiple patterns, take the maximum length (for example, to the knee or below).In the future you can simply mark on it the desired length and bend the curve, try to detail.For knitted vests waistline do not necessarily know, since the calculation is for the greatest measure.In constructing the normal pattern in the figure of a woman it would be putting the hips, while men and children - putting the chest.Vest for a pregnant woman is constructed by putting the waist.
You also need to know the width of the shoulder.Her measure from the base of the neck to the end of the arm.Measure the depth of the armhole from the end point of the shoulder.Determine the depth of the cut hollow throat down to the desired length.
On Draw a rectangle piece of graph paper.At the intersection of the edge of graph paper with a thick line set point and set it on the horizontal width of the largest yardstick.By putting the chest or hips add another 1 to 5 cm at the free fit.For a thin vest make a smaller increase, for a thick and hearty - more.The vertical length of the product aside.Of the two new points, slide your perpendiculars to their intersection.It is best to use for this purpose a metallic tailoring a square, but can be applied to normal.
upper and lower horizontal lines divide in half and connect them straight.Circumference of the neck, divide by 3. Put the resulting bushel on the top line in both directions from its center.Down from the intersection of the center line with the top horizontal aside 5 cm. Connect the new point with the previous two smooth lines to the concave part facing up.Circle the resulting line of color pencil - for example, red.This will be the depth of the back of the neck.
Put in the midline from the same point of intersection of the segment equal to the depth of the cut.Connect it to the same points on both sides of the center line.Draw a smooth line and draw it in blue pencil.
from endpoints neck postponed at the top of the line in both directions bushel shoulder length.Lower perpendiculars from these points down to a depth of armhole.From all of these lines to drop a perpendicular to the vertical side of the rectangle.Corners are rounded and circle contours of the blue line.This is done for the armhole of his waistcoat with a conventional shoulder.If the shoulder is deflated, the armhole the same as the lateral line.If you want to make a vest straps, then set aside on the top line is not the length of the shoulder, and the distance at which the strap is located on the base of the neck.
You get the same pattern for the forehand and back.For sleeveless vest-nothing more is needed.If you want a vest with a zip, slide one of the parts (best back) on tracing paper and cut out.Before dostroyte.From the centerline on both sides of half-width strips aside.Do not forget the fact that men's and women's clothing fasteners are arranged differently.Circle the contour strips and cut the curve forehand.