How to make Pythagoras human

Take a piece of paper and a pencil.Draw a square with cells 3 3. Number each box in the corner.At the bottom of the square goes calculation.

Record your date of birth and put a dash.Subsequently, on the other hand are written figures mirror the date of the matrix.Calculate the sum of digits of the day and the month.Add the resulting number to the sum of the digits of the year.Circle the result, it is considered the first number of the mirror date.

Summarize the number of digits of the first to obtain a second number of mirrors.From the first

number of a mirror subtract twice the first digit of the date of birth (if there is a zero, then the second) - this will be the number three.The fourth number of the mirror date determined by adding the digits of the third number.Record date mirror of 4 numbers against the date of birth.

For example, if you were born 01.07.1984, the calculation will be made so:

1) 0 + 1 + 0 + 7 = 8

2) 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22

3) 22 + 8 = 30 first number

4) 3 + 0 = 3 second number

5) 30-1 * 2 = 28 third number

6) 2 + 8 = 10 fourth number

01.07.1984 -

Enter numbers in order in each cell of the square according to the numbering, eliminating zero and put a dash if the numbers are missing:


Rasshirovka results

Square 1. ego, will, character .The more units in a square, the stronger will of man.The golden mean - three units.This character is called "flexible" when a person is willing to give up, or to insist on, depending on what kind of results he wants.The lack of units indicates limp, weak character.Too many units (more than 4) speaks of tyranny and despotism.

Square 2. Vitality .The more twos, the higher the ability to "rise from the ashes", to overcome setbacks.The absence of deuces says that a person "energy vampire", he does not know how to fill the energy reserves, and had to take it from others.When a plurality of pairs man - "donor" and is able to treat others.

Square 3. The ability of the sciences and order .Lack of threes - the chaos in my head and in deeds.One or two three - person learns and tidying up the mood.Three triples and more - a lively mind, curiosity, tendency to exact sciences, pedantry.

Square 4. Health .Lack fours speaks about pain and tendency to colds.If the array has two, the disease quickly pass, power restored.With weak twos and fours, and many people will be sick for a long time.

Square 5. Intuition .Lack of fives - a difficult way of life, a tendency to step on the same "rake".The more fives, the more developed intuition, and a man comes out of any trouble, following inner instinct.

Square 6. Practicality .Lack sixes says wool-gathering.Man is prone to illusions.More dreams than implements.1-2 Six - is theoretical, with a strong desire to practice passing.If more than 3 sixes, people tend to see the benefits in all, the present policy and practice.

Square 7. Good luck, talent .In the absence of sevens man that is called "beating on the wall" in search of themselves.The tendency to rush in various fields of art, but without a clear result.1-2 Seven says about hidden talents to be hard to develop.People with three sevens and a spark ideas, their projects are more likely to end in success.If no or low number of people with a lot of twos sevens literally "burn" at work or depleted, fascinated by any business.

Square 8. A sense of duty .Lack of eights - an indicator of irresponsibility and negligence.Such people are often late for a business meeting and did not keep their promises.1-2 Group of Eight - the man should be the word "necessary", but reluctantly.3 Eight or more - man, mandatory in all senses.His word - flint.

Square 9. Mind .Lack of nines or 1-2 in the good performance of triples means that people will try to learn all his life and learn new things.If there are no triples, a person will be difficult to perceive any information.Many nines along with sevens talk about genius.With strong character (more than 3 units) genius may have malicious intent.