To create a blog for kindergarten need an album of 36 sheets of plain white paper.On the album cover photo baby stick, write the name, group number, name and patronymic of educators.
On the inside cover write routine child in the garden .Of course, reading is a pipsqueak can not.So, we need to identify all the stages of pictures.They can draw on their own if there is talent.Or cut out of children's magazines.Near the meal paste plate or spoon.Near the quiet hour - bed or a pillow, etc.
rest of album pages, leave for creative occupations baby.There can stick appliques, crafts, paper, beautiful dried flowers and leaves.Be sure to subscribe to the pages
where the masterpiece was created or collected herbarium.
Make nice with the child bookmark from cardboard or colored laces.They can be glued to the cover or a stapler to attach.Bookmarks kid mark their favorite creations and will always be able to quickly find them in the album.
Leave space for photos in an album of children's matinees.Make four slits in the sheet so as to be able to capture images.Draw a picture felt-tip pens or stick close pictures - flowers, toys, balls.On New Year attach beside him herringbone twig or make a frame made of cotton, sprinkle it with glitter - it looks like snow.
Pay special attention to the birthday kid.For this festival can be left in full-page album.On one sheet, place photos.On the other ask the children who walk with the baby in one group, draw a birthday something to remember.Beside each picture sign name.