you need
  • - velor;
  • - pattern dress;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - rep tape;
  • - gossamer;
  • - interlining;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - Overlock.
velor can make the most different models of dresses: direct, fitted silhouette length midi, draped dress to the floor, and so on.For sewing, use a suitable pattern knitted article.Leka such models designed for the elasticity of the material.
Spoon When cutting the fabric on a flat surface in a single layer seamy side up.To suede non-slip, place it on a towel or cotton cloth (it can be any old sheet).
Spoon pattern, given the direction of the common thread.When cutting the fabric does not stretch as easily deform the contours of parts.Pin the paper pattern to the fabric dressmaker pins and trace its
contours.Similar parts are cut in mirror image.
parts are cut, leaving all the slices slightly larger seam allowances than it takes in sewing of articles made of other materials.This is necessary, as is often the edge of velor fabric showered in the process of working with them.
sweeps away everything darts, raised, side and shoulder seams.Lay folds of drapery.With velor work pretty hard tissue slides continuously.For items moved during smetyvanii, place the stitches are not directly, but at a slight angle.
Stitch first darts, seams, and then shoulder and side sections.When stitching shoulder seam sections duplicate rep tape.Place the line at a distance of 1 mm from the blueprint, trying to not fall into the line of the seam.
remove the basting.Treat each edge seams on overlock and razutyuzhte.
When cooked into account the peculiarities of velor fabric.In order not to trample the pile, put the material in the towel.Set the level control of heating iron at a small temperature.Do not press its surface is too close to the material, steam iron out the seams.
armholes and the neck line piping treat.Duplicate parts glue and sew fleece.Nadsekite seam allowances to the line and turn on the front side.Sometimes it turns out that the pile gets to the seam.To dress looked perfect, remove lint with a brand-new.
bottom of the sleeves and skirt seal the cobweb.Slice treat on overlock and bend one time on the wrong side.Fix the hem dressmaker pins, positioning them across the seam.Stitch double stitching using a special needle.