you need
  • - Yarn 600 g;
  • - yarn of contrasting color 50 grams;
  • - the spokes;
  • - 5-6 buttons.
For jacket in Chanel style you need Melange yarn or thread single color, a little thread of contrasting color for the trim strips.
Build pattern jacket.It is easier to do on graph paper, it's easier to calculate the required number of loops for a number of typesetting, and ubavok of increases.
The back is a rectangle whose width is equal to half the circumference of the hips, and length according to the length of the product.To construct a chamfer shoulders divide the upper part of the rectangle into three parts, on the wings aside down 2 cm on each side.Points are connected by straight lines.
to copy the pattern shelves pattern back
and cut it in half.Determine the middle of the side of the jacket and connect the points board and began to slant the shoulder by a straight line.Line neck may also be circular.
Pattern sleeve - a rectangle whose length is equal to the length of the sleeve and the width - height armholes, multiplied by two.
All parts begin to knit from the bottom.Enter the width of the loop and knit the basic pattern of a viscous pattern.For the jacket fit pattern with elongated loops (1 edges * 5iznanochnyh, 1 loop to remove (the thread of the loop), * 5 backstitches 1 edge. Knit from * to * to end of row in purl row purl loops provyazyvayte facial and removed the noose- wrong).The total number of loops in the pattern must be divisible by 6 plus 2 edge.
finished parts sew seam manually forward or prostrochite needle on the sewing machine.First, sew the shoulder sections, then sew the sleeves doused by aligning the center line with the shoulder seam.Fold the details right sides together and sew the side lines and hoses.
Planck jacket is a band whose length equals the length of the shelves, plus half the width of the neck.Bottom bracket goes into the pocket, the width of which is equal to the width of the shelves, and height - about two-thirds the width.
Dial the required number of loops and knit elastic band 1x1 yarn main color of 5 cm. Then the face of the fabric knit loop pocket thread basic color and enter a thread of contrasting color knit it 1 or 2 cm. The loops close,leaving uncovered pocket loop.
Bind to the desired width of the pocket, on the edge of knit yarn in a contrasting color to avoid holes appeared in a knitted cloth when changing thread colors cross your.Tie the two strips.And on the right side vyvyazhite loop under the buttons.Attach them to the shelves and sew by hand, stitch over the edge.Planck careful not to stretch.
Sew beautiful pearl or pearl buttons and pockets at the bar. Jacket moisten, spread it on a smooth flat surface.