measurements, creating paintings

Before sewing curtains need to take measurements.If you want to closed curtains were straight, then measure the distance between two extreme points of the cornice.This will be their width.This value is split in half and add 3 cm - allowances on the two side seam to the canvas for each curtains.

If you want to curtains not only in public but also in the closed state are wavy, add the width of the right and left curtains (value obtained above) is the third part of numerals.

Determine the desired length of the finished product.Add 2 cm on the bottom hem and the top - 1.5 cm.

Hem the sides and bottom of each curtains.Take Curtain tape.Fold the wrong side of the tape and top curtains do seam to "face."Otutyuzhte it, remove the product inside.Ste
pping back from the edge of 1 cm, defer.This - the most simple curtains sewn by hand.Taking them as a basis, we can transform the product into a more stylish.

Decoration Ruffle

If you sew curtains for the kitchen, stitched to the left and right inner side of each curtain ruches, so that when they come into contact is slid curtains.They can be made of basic or with matching colored fabric.Rescued and braid.Take it to 1.5 times the length of the curtains.If you chose the edge of the band and the curtains have been processed, then the Cleave faces along the top, bottom and middle.This will help make the ruffles of the same width.After a certain number of centimeters overfill the folds of the braid, bending it at 1.5-2 cm in one direction.

If the edge of the curtains and fabric finishing has not been processed, then the first in the same manner is folded, but combining these fabrics wrong side.Then iron the seat seam, turn, defer, making a seam on the wrong side.

Pelmets, curtain holders transform

Pelmets also help to beautifully decorated curtains.To create a simple finish to take the width of the fabric curtain cornice.Length - 70 cm. It took several tapes dense braid width 1 and a length of 20 cm.

defer to the edge of the sides and bottom of the future pelmet.To his riding on the wrong side curtain sew tape.Lay out a pelmet horizontally, face-down to the lower part was closer to you.Take one strip of tape.Attach it to the bottom left of the edge of the fabric.Cleave the pin.Pin the top and up the fabric to 50 cm.

So, under the braid you will need to make sborochku to 20 cm to 50 cm braid sew fabric.Lay it soft horizontal folds.Also to formalize the right edge of the pelmet.Every 30 cm tissue in the same way the rest sew strips of tape, placing them at the same distance.

Curtains will look even more beautiful if you make holders.Follow them from the base or from the same fabric, which is made from the pelmet or ruffles.Cut a strip of length 60 and 16 cm wide. Fold the cloth in half lengthwise, integrated within a tight braid 8 cm wide. Stitch 2 halves.Turn on your face.Sew together the sidewall.You will get 2 of the curtain.Attach them to the right and the left wall or bottom of a window.Curtains in the morning, refuel them.