There anecdote about how a fisherman hands tied, he was not able to spread them apart, showing the size of the pike.Quickly he clenched his fists and said that it was of such magnitude that pike were in his eyes.Joke, this turns out to be not so far from the truth.Record the dimensions of one of the most valuable fishing trophies recorded by both the fishermen and credible experts, biologists and naturalists all over the world.

Pike Eurasia

usual for Eurasian freshwater predator - pike plain (Esox lucius).In the basin of the Amur and Sakhalin rivers Amur pike (Esox reicherti), is markedly different from ordinary color and smaller than the maximum size.In a separate species highlights the scientific world south pike (Esox cisalpinus) - inhabitant of reservoirs of the central and northern Italy.

most famous Russian zoologist XIX century LPSabaneyev, author of a remarkable work "The Fish Russia.Life and Fishing (angling) of our freshwater fish "says that mature pike specimens safely reach a length of 2 meters, nagulivaya more than 48 kg.According to the study of eyewitness accounts and records in the monastery books Leonid cites cases capture 64- and even 80-kilogram copies.

There is a story of two centuries dedicated pike Boris Godunov, "identified" by the king's ring engraved stuck in the gills.

In the same work the author mentions the case of exceptional longevity toothy predators, based on the legend of the pike Emperor Frederick II Barbarossa, whose spine is kept in the museum of Mannheim to the present day.Reached the age of 270 years, whitened with age, it weighed 140 kg with a length of 5.7 meters.

Unfortunately, the legend and the data stored on it evidence after investigations skeleton giant modern naturalists have been attributed to hoaxes.Not preserved and documented cases of catching a "pike Russian Tsar."

Pikes America

The fresh water of the American continent (the northern part) there are, in addition to the ordinary pike, another three: American (Krasnopyorov and travyanka), black (or striped), and muskie.

muskie or maskellundzh (in the language of the Indians), - the largest representative of the family schukovyh occurring less and living in the Great lakes and rivers nearby.Size and age statistics on it, but close to the performance of the domestic toothy.The rest of the family is much more modest in weight and life expectancy.

What are some pike

the Americas in the rivers flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River, still live two species of pike, belonging to the family pantsirnikovyh - lepisosteus and billfish.The maximum length of spotted lepisosteus - 1.2 meters, weight - 4.5 kg.Alligator gar, aka alligator pike can reach 3 meters and weighs more than 130 kg.Brackish water can also serve as a habitat for these fish. Since 2008, there has been a meeting with the alligator pikes outside the American continent - in Turkmenistan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

┬źName┬╗ freshwater predator duplicate names of the two occupants of the sea similarities in appearance, as well as gastronomic and behavioral habits.The most famous - thermophilic barracuda, grows up to 2 meters and weighing up to 50 kg (type Sphyraena afra) and pike called informally.Less well known Molveno grows up to 1.8 meters and a weight of 40 kg, living in the coastal waters of the eastern region of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, has officially called "ling."