chain as a symbol of

Since the chain - a reduced derivative of the word "chain", the basic meaning they will be almost the same.

decorations in the form of gold or silver chain is one of the most controversial, but at the same time and by the value of various characters.At first glance, it carries a continuous negative, that is, means bondage, shackles, heavy.But on the other hand - this is something very coherent and harmonious, repeating a specific sequential order.

value your sleep depends on which chain you dream: closed (unity, infinity), or torn, symbolizing the liberation of the vicious circle, thick or thin.

interpreter of dreams assert that seen by a chain of express your feelings and attitude towards others. If you dream you are giving her favorite, so I doubt it (trying to "shackle").

Dim or vomiting during the donation chain means that your life is a man who is not worthy of you.

chain of base metal, dreamed woman or a man, symbolizes the need of money.Golden Chain is your desire for self-development, a silver chain indicates that the longer you live the emotions.

door chain to talk about your concerns about being robbed.Wide neck chain for any evidence of that, not having his personal life, you are getting into other people's business and cause inconvenience to others. chain with any pendant warns of upcoming problems with loved ones.

But rusty and dull chain of evidence that should take care of their health.

String dream

If the chain breaks or crumbles - the possibility of disease, even more dangerous is the chain, squeezing her throat.In the dream, you are presented with a beautiful chain, and you take it - to secure attachment and friendship.Chain dream crushes its weight - not your desire to do so do not fly in the clouds!

you buy chain themselves - to the deterioration of relations with a partner.If you dream you lose donated chain, in reality, you do not notice that you have hotly debated.Drowned in a sea of ​​chain means the loss of a friend of someone else's fault.Disappointment reality is stolen you chain.If you find a chain - beware of dependence.

And another important point: should pay attention to some of the nights dreamed this dream.For example, if torn in a dream dreamed chain from Thursday to Friday, you will not really nice job.On other days - a disappointment in love affairs.Buy
chain on Thursday - a cooling of relations.