How to make a map?

Make it possible from the compass and paper.Compass is created from one piece of red dust (located at a depth from the first to the sixteenth level) and four bars of iron (iron ore can be extracted in the nearest cave and melt it in the oven).On the bench you have to put dust in the central cell and surround it with iron bars, forming a cross.The paper can be made from cane.Cane grows only on the waterfront.Of the three units reeds side by side on the bench, it is possible to receive three pieces of paper.To make a map, a compass should be placed in the center cell on the bench and surrounded him with eight units of paper. to see the map, holding it in his hands, you need to look down.Thus, it does not overshadow the surrounding area, allowing relatively comfortable travel.

Features cartographic expeditions

Firstly, the map is updated only when t
he player holds it in his hands.At other times, it will not be updated.It is not always convenient to navigate the unknown and possibly dangerous areas with busy hands.To protect themselves, the weapon should be placed in a cell next to the map Quick Access Toolbar.

Secondly, the map shows only the surface, it is impossible to map the caves, Underworld or edges.The creator of the game said that the map of the caves - it's an interesting idea, but in the game they have not yet appeared.

Third, the center of the map is fixed.This means that the card will not "move" along with the player.When he gets out of the card, it will no longer be updated. any card can duplicate.To do this you need to put on the bench next to the blank card filled.This is very convenient in a multiplayer game.

very first map can describe an area the size of 128x128 blocks.It is possible to expand on the bench, placing the card in the center in the central cell on the bench and surrounded by eight sheets of paper.Increased card will have the same center as its foundation, but to describe the area as early as 256x256 blocks.Thus, the scale will be halved.Maps can be increased several times.The maximum area that can describe the biggest card - 2048x2048 blocks.But if a player has gone beyond the area shown on a map, to continue to explore the world he would have to create a second.Maps can be called, is essentially helps to choose the right one, if several of them in your inventory.

To begin to explore the area, you need to take a blank card in hand and right-click.Changes in the landscape already investigated areas will be mapped only after a second visit to this place.