Classical interpretation of the dream of a hamster

If you had a hamster and you want to know what the dream foretells you like, you, of course, can apply to any existing Dream book.In fact, some common characteristics of this animal is already quite enough that you yourself were able to determine what it indicates the appearance of a hamster in your dream.Much still depends on the kind of color that bears the animal.If you dream the color was gray hamster - a clear indication of someone's lying or your own confusion.If his coloring was red, then the hamster may anticipate the proximity of a romantic encounter or your creative implementation. hamster is sometimes associated with the demon hoarding and indicates a desire to assign something just for yourself.

hamster also can symbolize you
r strong second half, that is, in front of you in a dream appears your partner in an allegorical symbolic form.The word hamster can be divided into two components: a "hamsterĀ» (Home - means "home" in English) and "Yak" (massive hollow-horned animal, close to the family of the bulls).Thus, appeared in your dream hamster is a certain model of the active components of your household processes such as active hamster foretells you have any household chores and challenges that you will actively try to solve.

gaze from psychologists dreams

Looking at the image of a hamster in the light of Gestalt therapy, you will be able to fish for themselves a lot of useful information related to your inner life. The beauty of this method of development of psychiatric analysis is unique in that in addition to decipher the symbolism of the hamster, you can easily to read the value of any objects you dreamed.

principle of operation is very simple with dreams.As soon as you wake up, the first thing you write down in a special notebook all the events, activities, people and images that you have seen during the past night.Then, choose the brightest object, a thing or an object of sleep.We can assume it will be the same hamster, which is in question here.Try to identify with him.Enter the same state as that experienced in a dream and feel yourself this hamster.When you live it on my personal experience, when the need to use the Dream book and dreaming of other benefits will disappear by itself.You yourself directly through your mind, directly from your unconscious will get answers to all your questions.