To begin, decide what you want to bring your creativity to its consumer nickname th.This can be addressed with a certain touch of ideology as Maxim Gorky and Demian poor.Username can characterize your work, its main theme, such as, alias Yakub Kolas and Lesia Ukrainka.
Stage alias can be the reduction of the first or last name.Especially Spanish and Portuguese names sin that consist of four or five words to remember that the audience will not be easy.So, for example, the real name Cher - Sherilyn Sarkisian.
Creative people, to build a career not in their historic homeland, o
ften have unpronounceable names for the local population and are forced to use an alias .For example, the real name Boris Akunin - Grigory Chkhartishvili Shalvovich that it is hard to remember the Russian-speaking readers the first time.
Often women publishing their works, taking men's names.For the weaker sex in science and literature (if it's not children's books, romance novels and detectives in paperback) is still regarded with suspicion.In order to avoid discussions and speculations, many women writers chose to sign their works by any male name.So, Zinaida Gippius published his poems under his real name, but her critical articles came under the pseudonym th Anton extreme.
If your establishment and was influenced by a famous person, you can think yourself nickname , using his name or the name.For example, the medieval physician Paracelsus invented his nickname , refers to the name of another famous ancient doctor - Celsius.
Once you've chosen a name, check that the writers and singers with the same nickname th did not exist, otherwise you will be tangled up in litigation at the very beginning of his career.The easiest way to check - to make the appropriate request to the Internet search engine.
Now, publishing an article or a book, giving the publisher of illustration, do not forget to fill in the contract, which will include your real name and patronymic name, which will be signed by your work and your passport details.If your nickname will attract someone else, you can always prove that you are the first to use the name, indicating the date of the contract.