Of the 10-meter piece of cloth can make a lot of things, it would be the desire and skills.It may be the product for sale or original decoration of home textiles.And the material can be used for good deeds.

For kids

good chance to make good for the kids who do not have parents.At the orphanage gladly accept diapers, undershirts, pants - everything you love to make.Just let things be sewn carefully.

Enjoy tea

Why not sew their own hands 2 tablecloths for your child's class?The school often hosts celebrations and holidays.Each time, sitting at the table drinking tea, you will remember the kind words.


A good hostess 10 meters of fabric will not lie dead weight.It certainly will come up, where to apply the material.This can be clothing for the fam
ily, beautiful curtains, bed linens, original cushion for the sofa, so who knows what.Fantasy and patience will help create a good author things that please everyone.

make a profit

nice to create something of his own, and then to receive from this income.Good to coincide with this process to some celebration, then you will sell your product.For example, the New Year holidays can sew themed towels for the kitchen.

If you have certain skills, you can make something more complicated.For example, luxury bedspread with embroidery or kit for baby cots.People are happy to take on individual things of good quality.

for husband

He will be glad to new car seat covers and cushions for the iron horse.Only it is necessary that the fabric was appropriate.Printed flowers inspire his surprise or laughter.But for the curtains in his studio, they fit, decorated with severe space your beloved.


If you have a private home, you can build a gazebo, and decorate it with a cloth, creating a beautiful drape.It is nice to sit on summer evenings and enjoy tea, and on the morning drinking coffee.

If no one wants to help you arrange a gazebo, you can do it herself.We need to find the right place and create some points of reference on which to throw the curtain.And then in the course of ideas to start up.

Now stores just enough, not everyone will be able to pore over needlework.But things sewn by the hands, create a special atmosphere and comfort in the house.They were so nice to look at.