Tip 1: How to link children sundress

Children's clothing should be comfortable and beautiful, and some parents prefer to knit and sew children's things yourself instead of buying them in a store.Children sundress , tied his own hands, do not have to be customized to the size and growth of the child - you can link it, focusing on precise measurements, as well as to decorate any patterns, decorative elements and delicate ruffles.
Select thin soft yarn of any color, prepare the right size needles and start knitting sundress the back of the skirt.Pre-tie pattern, where you specify what will be the density of knitting, and what will be the number of loops in accordance with this density.
In the first row knit ten loops front and a seamy viscous and then repeat knitting this way until the end of the series.At the end of a series of five tie facial loops and go to the next row.Starting from the second row to the last, knit in the same way as the first, alternating between ten and one seamy face loop.
Push the Power loop when knitting to the canvas formed corrugated folds.When you dovyazhete fabric from the hem to the hips, gradually begin to diminish the loop across the width of the product.
first tie together two loops before each convex element of relief, then provyazyvayte with two loops before each concave relief and then made two more subtraction, provyazyvaya two loops after each convex and after each concaverelief.
recede from each relief during decrease one or two loops that knitting was neat, and the line was not broken relief.Since the waist line, tie a simple rubber band 2x2 sheet width of 15 cm and then bind garter stitch fabric.
When the front and back sundress and are ready, take the hook and thread the same color, and tie crochet neckline sundress well, making a chain of several stitches, to get a delicate edge.You can also tie a lace hem edge sundress well.
To have sundress and appeared sleeves wings separately enter the new loop on the armhole and knit garter wings.

Tip 2: How to connect sundress

Sundresses are always in fashion.It is practical and easy to wear clothes.Treat your little fashionista beautiful sundress.
How to link sundress
you need
  • yarn (60% cotton, 40% polyamide) 50g / 142M, spokes №3,5-4,5
Coquette Coquette
tally from the bottom up, then knitted skirt from top to bottom.Dial on the spokes 57 loops №3,5.Knit garter 6 cm. Inlaid edge coquette make free, for more convenient set of loops for the skirt.For armhole closed on both sides in each even number of 1 to 3 times loop 1 loop 2 times and 3 times with 1 loop.
to the neck before the closing average of 11 loops.Then, from the center to both sides close to the shoulders in each even number of 1 to 3 times loop 1 loop 2 times and 3 times with 1 loop.Then knit 6 cm shoulders and close the loop.
back close to the neck average 15 loops at a height of 11cm from the start.Then, from the center to both sides to the shoulders in each even number of 1 to 3 times the loop, 1 time on 2 sts 1 time and 1 st.Knit 6 cm and close the loop.
to skirt
Dial number of typesetting yoke 57 loops purl knit series.Then continue the basic pattern.Expansion of the skirt is due to the addition of loops in the main pattern.
basic pattern
Rapport 11 loops, repeated 5 times +2 edge loop.

3lits., Nakida, 1 individuals., Nakida, 3 persons.

In backstitches ranks all loop knit purl.

Rapport repeat the 4 rows.

2 rows garter

nakida, 3 persons., Nakida, 1 individuals., Nakida, 3 persons nakida.

4 persons., Nakida, 1 individuals., Nakida, 4 persons

Rapport repeat 3 series.

2 rows garter
Furthermore, with each new tier of the main figure we add the number of loops on the edges of facial one on each side of rapport.Thus it is possible to adjust the length of the skirt.

Finish provyazyvaya 2 rows in garter stitch.We close the loop.
If knit sundress from the lungs of cotton thread, you get old things.If, dense wool, is an essential warm winter clothes.
Helpful Hint
neckline and armholes better to tie a hook to process the socks are not stretched.
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