you need
  • - thread;
  • - spokes.
prepare to start knitting yarn white and pink, spokes, a large needle.
Tie a small pink cord thread a length of about 12 cm. Ears hats knit in garter stitch, two at a time.Use fluffy yarn, starting with three loops and gradually adding with two sides of the loop on the knitting needles to seventeen.Then knit 20 rows straight, and again add 11 loops from the left side.Knit five straight series.
To link children's hats that will fit your child, add another 50 to 60 loops, depending on the size of the baby's head and the thickness of thread,
a large needle and discard both spoke hinges on it.You should now have a total of 106 to 116 loops.
knit 40 rows garter stitch in both directions.
Start doing subtraction.First, reduce the 10 loops in a row evenly.Then, every four, and then every two rows subtract gradually and evenly until there is 10 loops.The next series of knit 2 together and facial loops pull the remaining five.
rabbit ears to dial five fluffy yarn loops, add on each side for 7 loops.Received 19 loops.Then knit exactly garter stitch and continue to decrease until there are 3 loops on the spokes that pull off together.
Similarly, tie a piece of pink ears smooth yarn.Just take a smaller needles and knit stocking st.The total number of loops on needle should be no more than 13-14.
Assemble both parts of rabbit ears and sew together with the smooth side in, iestepping back from the edge of the fluffy side of 2 cm, sew the smooth part.
As you can see, nothing complicated.And to tie the child to please the original cap and new clothes baby, little effort is required.Finally, sew the rabbit ears to the cap, departing from the top to the side at a distance of about 2 cm.