you need
  • - drawing paper or cloth;
  • - pencil;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - tape measure;
  • - line;
  • - scissors.
Pattern gown can be built on paper or directly on the fabric.The second method is more convenient because it allows to save time.Fold the fabric in half.Fold will serve as the middle of the back.
aside from the fold half the maximum volume of your body (thighs or breasts) plus add ten centimeters to freedom fit.For example, if the size of your hips 100 cm, aside from the fold of 110 cm. Draw a line parallel to the fold.Thus, you get the middle forehand robe.
From the top edge pull back 1.5 cm (this is the seam allowance) down the middle of the line forehand aside yard
stick length forehand to her waist.Spend waistline, extending her fifteen centimeters for the smell.Aside from the waist height of the sides about 13-15 cm, depending on your height.

bisected the entire width of the pattern.To obtain width shelves, add this number to 2 cm, and to obtain the value of the width of the backrest - turn down to 2 cm. For example, the pattern width of 60 cm, therefore, the width of the shelf will be 60/2 + 2 = 32 cm, and the width of the backrest 60/22 = 28 cm. Put the middle of the line forehand width front cloth.
aside from the waist line of the fold line yardstick length back to her waist.Draw a line shoulder back.
to back neckline aside a depth of 3-4 cm and a width of 9-10 cm. The neckline draw a line shoulder length equal to the width of the shoulder plus 3-4 cm and slant the shoulder line is 3cm.
Draw a line armholes back.It starts from the shoulder line at right angles.Put the middle of the line forehand 10 cm for the width of the neck.Connect smooth line width of the neck point and the outermost point on the waist line.
from a point on the waist swipe down a straight line, parallel to the fold.Draw a line from the shoulder in the bevel of 4 cm. Finally, follow the line forehand armhole from the shoulder to the point on the line height sides.
carve out rectangles for the sleeves of the desired length and width.Pattern gown ready.