you need
  • Fabric Satin 130 cm
  • Flannel
  • Batting 130h70 see
  • Lace 4 m
  • satin ribbon 120 cm
  • tissues / W 130 cm
  • Braid 60 cm
first sew mattress for cover with rounded top.Its size 120h35 cm. Patterns can be downloaded from the Internet or create by hand: 35 cm - Width 120 cm - length, rounds out the top part, the corners remove the 4.5 cm (envelope can be area, and any other form).Pattern is ready.
envelope pattern for a newborn
Finish cutting the pattern layer of batting and a layer of x / cotton fabrics.Fold the batting and fabric together and Stitch, to get stitches.Your mattress stitch if can give small shrinkage.
Vykroyte second layer x / cotton fabric size of the
resulting product.Connect the new part of the mattress to the workpiece facing each other and Stitch along the edge.Do not forget to leave a small hole to be able to turn out a product.Once the product is turned, it is necessary to sew up the hole manually.Mattress for an envelope ready.
We make small parts of the envelope pattern width of 20 cm and a length - 50 cm, it turns out a rectangle.If you want to make a festive envelope on ribbons, one corner of the rectangle rounded at 1.5 - 3.5 cm, if the fastener easier to leave sharp edges.
go directly to the pattern pieces of satin and flannel.In this satin part should be longer than 1 cm flannel. Note that should receive two satin and flannel two parts which are symmetrical with each other.
Take lace ribbon, and then baste it to the satin parts, laying every 5 cm deep folds to 5 mm.The last 1.5 cm from the bottom, leave.Bend the side edge lace at 45 degrees and pin shear satin details.
satin ribbon Cut into 4 equal parts and pin or baste two to every detail between satin satin and lace.One should be located at a distance of 8 cm from the bottom edge, and the second at 20 cm above.The edges of the tape should also be turned inward.Sew together at a distance of 7 mm from the edge.Then gently otutyuzhte seam.
Baste and stitched detail to the satin flannel so that lace appeared between them, seam otutyuzhte.Then peel back the parts so that the front side of the flannel in contact with the face and atlastnoy prostrochite over existing lines.Next, make a notch in the seam allowance and turn each finished part, and then otgladte them.
Vykroyte large part of the atlas is the same size as the mattress, but 10 cm long.Baste the lace ribbon at the top of the envelope, remembering to prisobirat lace.
Retreat 25 cm from the top of the envelope, and then baste two small Circuits towards the bottom of the envelope.
Vykroyte satin semicircular part of the envelope length of 40 cm from the highest point of the semicircle, and flannel vykroyte square with sides 35 cm. Sew them together on the right side so that the seam has appeared on the reverse side.
Vykroyte rectangle flannel size 55h35 cm. Please note that this item must be cut out on the short side shared thread.Flannel stitched detail the short side to the underside of a large satin details and do not forget ironed seam.
On line 10 cm above this seam, fold the top of the details of the ties and pin from a simple tape in the corners of the fold.Ties at the same time should be turned inward.Baste folded portions to a large part on the side edges.
Next, apply a small satin flannel greater detail on the satin piece right sides together.Details should be laid overlap, whereby the pocket should be formed.Stitch line sewing lace and handle overlock or zigzag stitches.Next, remove the product in the usual way, and then have to turn your pocket into which you want to insert a mattress.
If you decide to make an envelope with a zipper, the first thing you need in a small half sew ee.V this case, between the two halves of the small jewelry should not be