you need
  • about 50 gms of yarn of different colors of medium thickness, hook number 3 or 3.5, padding polyester or wool for stuffing, scissors
Make Finger theater afford any mother having basic skills in sewing and knitting.The only thing you need to be able to relate FINGER Theatre crochet: do the first loop, knit chain of air loops and bars without nakida.In every house there is
a great variety of small glomeruli yarns, which are suitable for the creation of toys.In principle, any suitable yarn of medium thickness.Threads better to pick up all at once.This will help you save considerable time
Together with your child (unless, of course, he was able to do it), select the story that will be staged.Pick the required yarn and hook.You can begin to create toys.
make a chain of four stitches.Close the circle.In the next series of uniformly increase the number to 15 loops, knit columns without nakida required amount (about six rows).Next uniformly reduce the number of loops to twelve.So get your head.To knit torso still about nine rows.
head slightly tamp synthetic padding or cotton neck drag thread.
tie the hands and feet to the torso.All items (except, perhaps, ears) knit in a circle about six columns in width and height of two or four rows.Small details such as the hair can be made from ribbons or pieces of yarn.
Face toys embroider.Make a pretty, smiling face to scare the kid is not a toy.Eyes embroider French knots.To do this, enter the needle in the fabric at the point where there will be glazik.Make a few turns of thread around the needle and tighten while holding the coils of a finger.Secure, get a bundle and bring the needle to the location of the second eye.Likewise, embroider and other eye.
Dad can also take part in the process of creating theater well.Instructed him to make decorations for future performance.They can be made of wood or cardboard, and then paint.