you need
  • - colored paper or finished quilling strips;
  • - PVA glue (polyvinyl acetate);
  • - stationery knife;
  • - line;
  • - quilling tool (awl, needle, toothpick).
Consider bouquets of violets or photo living and pick the right color palette for the paper composition.Draw a diagram of the relief picture of the future - violet petals with the selected color, with small cores, thin stems with leaves.So you determine the number of components of the modules.
Underlying quilling is twisting lanes in spiral.Of the different curls varying shapes and composed filigree relief.Make a variety of spiral to produce a paper bouqu
et.For cores you need simple round spiral.Cut strips of paper on a flat, identical in size.It is recommended to do this on line by using a sharpened knife stationery.You can find in stores and ready-made sets of lanes for quilling.
Insert the end of paper tape in a crevice of the special tool for quilling and tightly screw the strip.Instead, you can use an awl small diameter knitting needle or toothpick.It should constantly hold the spiral twists and control the tension of the strip.
Remove the resulting figure to the working tool.Before you - a simple, so-called free spiral roll.That it does not spin, stick the tip of the tape to the main parts.Finish the sample, do the core of violets (rolls), for example, from yellow paper.
Do petals violets of the same pieces.Rolls should take teardrop shape.Press one of the free helix as an acute angle.Make a drop-petals in the right quantity - purple, red, yellow.
start making paper sheets.Free spiral, twisted strips of green paper must take the form of the eye.To achieve this effect, the blank is pressed with the fingers of two opposite sides.
to get stalks of violets, green procurement is necessary to slightly dissolve from one end.Get a smooth line of flex in the right direction for the composition;tip of the leaf on the plant glue for better fixation.
Proceed to assemble the paper violet bouquet.On a piece of cardboard lay petals so that they touched in the center.Top - yellow core.Beautifully spread across the substrate stems and leaves.If you are satisfied with the quality of the relief pattern, stick to the base of violets.