easiest way to complete the look of the neck on the needles knit inlay.To do this, type the desired number of loops on the edge of the future of the neck on circular needles and needle separate dial hinges on the edge of the wales.
vyvyazyvayut neck completely, so that it then did not have to sew.After you type the desired number of loops, tie the seven rows of simple rubber band 1x1, and then lay the product on a flat surface and begin to sew neck kettelnym seam.
sewn Bakey neck both on the front side and from the inside, so that it does not contract the edge of things.Do not tighten the sutu
re thread kettelnogo too.
You can sew Bakey mouth and other means - for this type loops, pre-calculated number and tie gum 2x2, and then remove an edge loop and making nakida, knit front viscous follow the loop on the left spokes.Continue to knit in the same way on, until you finish the entire series.
go to the next number, starts to take off all the right needle purl loop, not provyazyvaya them, placing the thread before work.Knit facial loops all nakida and turn the workpiece, and then the front knit viscous all loops that you removed in the previous row.
Repeat the same in the next three rows, then divide the knitted fabric in half, placing each piece in its spokes.Close loop on one of the spokes in any way.Proutyuzhte the part where you just close the loop, and then carefully iron it and the part where the loop is open.
Bakey kettelnym Sew a seam with a needle and thread, as described above, from the left shoulder seam.