Tip 1: How to sew a pocket

pockets - something very practical, useful and beautiful.Pockets can be equipped with anything - bag, pants, blouse.These pockets are very easy to manufacture, easy to use, and most importantly, allow you to show imagination.Decorate such pockets any thing - and it will look a whole new way.You can make a flat pocket, or you can surround, which will need to insert additional parts.
you need
  • - fabric
  • - scissors
  • - or serger sewing machine
So, first cut out parts of the pocket.In total, there should be two - the main part and the valve.Select them according to the size of the desired model.
Neaten one slice on overlock.Now fold the details right sides, laid them on the edge of the safety pin, so that they did not move.
If the valve pockets to be tougher, then it promazhte glue.If the pocket is planned function, and the valve is not pasted, then seal the edge along fold line valve.
Route line and make allowances in the corners.
Now remove the pocket on the front side and straighten the seams.Priutyuzhte them seam allowance on the perimeter of the pocket otutyuzhte on the wrong side, to make it easier to work with them.
Route anchoring line using overlock.
Otutyuzhte top of the line of inflection valve.If you have dry tissue and it is badly ironed, first otutyuzhte top, and then route the overlock anchoring line.
If your model of the pocket is provided on the line valve, then lay it now.Secure the fabric pins to keep it from moving.
Now prostrochite whole pocket.
now beginning to connect the pocket with the basis on which he is to be sewn.To do this, first mark the place where you want to keep the pocket, attach it and secure with pins.Pinned down cross, otherwise they will not withstand the weight pockets.Now sew the pocket to the base, paving the line on the edge.
Now you can decorate your pocket buttons, pictures or other decorative elements.At one and the same thing, say, on the bag, you can sew a few of these pockets, much to revive her.You can even make the pockets of various shapes and sizes.

Tip 2: How to sew a pocket

pocket combines many qualities.This piece suit should be both functional and decorative. pocket s are false, slit and Stitch in the seam.Pockets must be treated especially carefully.
How to sew a pocket
you need
  • piece of cloth 20x20cm
  • Fleece or cloth for laying
  • piece of tape to edge
  • cardboard, pencil, ruler, square
  • piece of soap or tailor's chalk
Draw on a cardboard rectangle shaped pocket.Designate the direction of common thread.Fractional thread should pass along the length of the pocket.One of the side sections extend down to 0.5 cm, and connect the data points from the bottom of the point of intersection of the other side with the bottom cut.On the other hand, extend the top section of 0.5 cm, and connect the data points with the point of intersection of the cut with the bottom.
Approximate pattern pocket
Cut out the pattern.Fold the pocket intended for a piece of fabric in half face inward.The direction of the line bases must match the markings on the pattern.Circle pattern.At the top of the pocket make allowance 2.5 - 4 cm. Make allowances for the side seams of 1-1.5 cm.
carve reinforcing pad.It should be 1.5-2 cm wider than the upper allowance.Designate the hem line.Strengthen your pocket or fleece cloth.Along the top edge of the webbing or attach edge.
Apply to sweep the pocket pattern.Fold and then iron sections.Handle corners.To do this, unscrew the upper seam allowance on the front side, and kill it with pins.Because of excess material, create a crease.Stitch the fold on the machine or sew by hand.The excess tissue cut away, leaving a narrow seam.Once all corners bend allowance to the wrong side swept, and then iron.Stitch pocket along marked seams.Sew the lining by hand.
Izligki fabric at the corners neatly cut off
Pin pocket to the product, and then baste.Stitched pockets or sew by hand lowercase seam.
pattern for better take cardboard.Firstly, this template is useful more than once.And secondly, it is more convenient to bend sections of the pocket and press out of the pattern.

If the pocket is made of very thick fabric or leather, it is more convenient to hand sew a seam lowercase.

If the material with a pattern, the location of the pattern on the pockets of both should be the same.
Helpful Hint
Line hem Indicate strictly on the line and a well-sharpened piece of soap.

Braid for the upper edge must be straight weave.Instead, you can take the tape edge, cut off from the pad.

pocket can be strengthened across the narrow contour adhesive gasket.

When sewing the lining, carefully zametyvayte sections