First of all, you need to find the right balls.They should lie comfortably in the hand, be small in size and weight.If you are just starting to deal with juggling balls, choose a small size.It is also desirable that the balls were too resilient.These balls will not bounce off the floor, when you drop them, them do not have to run.To make such balls you can by yourself by filling, for example, tennis balls with sand.

One ball

to learn how to juggle three balls, you need to master the technique of flipping, it is enough of the ball.Take his right hand and toss until it before reaching the left hand he arced.At the top flight of the ball should reach the level of your eyes, this is the optimal height.If you toss it too high, you will be hard to keep up with the other balls.With a weak toss you will have
to manipulate them very quickly.Try to keep your hands a circular motion, as if scooping them inside.That is how you will work when the hands will be three balls.

Two balls

juggle two balls will perform more complicated.Take one ball in each hand.Toss a ball lying in his right hand.Once it reaches the maximum height (the level of your eyes), toss a ball lying in the left hand.Remember that the balls must describe an arc in the air.As a result, you must first catch the ball with his left hand, then his right.If juggling is very important not to keep the balls too hard, your hands should be relaxed and slightly parted.Work two balls until your motion does not reach the automatism.The transition to the third ball will then be quite simple.

Three balls

principle juggling three balls the same as that of the two.Now you will need to throw the third ball, when the second ball reaches the maximum height of the flight.Take the 2 ball in the right hand and one at your left.Throw the first ball of the right hand.As soon as he reaches the top, toss a ball lying in the left hand.When you reach this level of your eyes a ball toss a second ball lying in his right hand.As a result, you will be in the left hand two balls, and the right - one.At first, this trick may seem complicated.Do not try it immediately, performing continuous juggling.Sling all three balls once and then stop.Do this until you get used to all the movements, and only then proceed to a full juggling.