character selection and cities

At the beginning of the passage of "Heroes" in the majority of cards are asked to select the character and the city to which you will begin to develop.All in the game of the third issue sold eight different races.The city-type castle are heroes-priests (clergy) and knights.The first exhibit elevated magical instincts, the latter are natural warriors.

hero in the Castle, it is desirable to develop the skills of "Leadership", "Shooting", "fun", "Logistics", "Wisdom," "Magic" and "First Aid Tent."Cleric develop magical abilities.For the Knights choose skills "attack" and "defense."It is advisable to study the magic of

the elements, at least two things: land and air.

How to develop a hero

character development takes place on receipt of a new experience, which can be found in the treasure chest on the altar, or after winning a battle.The harder the battle was, the more experience to the winner.Upon receipt of the experience of the hero offers a choice of two secondary skills, yet they will not be scored 8 (modifications to wog "Heroes" two possible additional study skills).Each skill allows your hero to develop certain skills.Therefore, they should be carefully selected in accordance with the makings of a hero.

How to choose a hero skills

In cities Pairing, and Redoubt Tower magicians also coexist with the heroes of soldiers.Heroes in these cities can be developed on a scenario similar to that described for the Castle.Wizards need to gain the skills of the elements, as well as skills, "Mysticism", "resistance", "Magic."Useful knowledge of "Eagle Eye" and "Diplomacy".

With the passage of "Heroes" with the cities of Fortress and Citadel is the emphasis on the power of a direct attack monsters and the personal protection of the army of heroes.There is magic in the bud with the most primitive spells.It is therefore reasonable to the heroes of these cities to choose the skills of "protection", "attack", "Shooting", "Ballistics", "Tactics", "artillery", "Finding the Way", "Navigation", "First Aid Tent" and "Eagle Eye".Usually in these cities weak economic base, so it is advisable to have the skill and the "economy."Of great importance is the skill in battle tactics, allowing advantageous to arrange the troops before the battle.It levels the playing field of the hero of the Fortress, or Hold when fighting magically bleed the enemy.

Passage "Heroes of Might and Magic" with the city or Inferno Dungeon has to go well, with an emphasis on the magical abilities of the characters.However, the magic should call a good attack power.Therefore, a large imbalance in any one direction must be avoided.The ability to "intelligence" will actively explore the map.

Passage "Heroes" on the necromancer

Apart third "hero" of the city of Necropolis - the city of the dead and undead.There is the same division of necromancers, wizards and knights, black soldiers.All the heroes of the Necropolis skill needs "Witchcraft", allowing the heroes to raise the dead and to call in the troops to 30% of those killed during the battle creatures.

Necromancer desirable to explore the magical skills of "Wisdom," "Earth Magic" will not prevent the passage of "Heroes" and "Magic."Black Knight desirable "Tactics" and protectively-attacking skills, including the skill of "Artillery" and "Ballistics".Developing his necromancer so, you strengthen its innate characteristics and make it one of the strongest enemies for any character, pumped through the sword and sorcery.

game with any city begins with the development of the economic base, but building homes monsters higher level perform at least two weeks, otherwise the chances of the successful completion of "Heroes of Might and Magic" low.