Method 1. Form.If you already have a similar range of , you can attach it to the paper, and cut out the circle.The problem in this case will be just that for the further work you will be extremely difficult to determine the center of the circle well.
Method 2. The metal stencil.This special tool facilitate you to draw the right circle and for cutting.Attach the stencil to the drawing paper or a sheet of paper .And to fix it, he cut contour circle with scissors or a knife, depending on what you have at hand.The disadvantage of the method in the same center of the circle well, and that pattern tends to slip out of his seat, but because no skill circle and obtained by oblique.
Method 3. compass.The most basic way to draw a circle.Select a compass and set the required radius.Do not trust good eye, use a ruler.Draw a circle with a compass, taking care not to break the line.Hold the compass firmly, do not let the tip of the pencil to break away from the sheet of paper .This can lead to the fact that the line is interrupted, and the center will bring down, then circle get rough.Now, quietly cut the circle .
Method 4. improvised.If the hand you was not a cliche or a compass, you save handy tools such as plates, pans.Simply select the object whose diameter fits your circle .Attach the inner diameter of the same plate to a sheet of paper and draw a pencil.That's all.Cut.
Method 5. Draw a circle itself is not required.Fold the square sheet in half, then in half again.Turn in four-square.Now fold it diagonally, well leveled corners.A multilayer triangle, one of the peaks is not stratified.Hold it over the top of the triangle and cut in half from corner to corner.Expand what's left in your hand.Gotta get completely smooth circle .