Tip 1: How to order a song

In our difficult times it is important to provide courtesies to our loved ones and friends.Especially good when it turns suddenly and they are very happy.The simplest thing you can do - is to order a song.It's so nice to hear good music, and hello for themselves all over the country!And the mood will improve not only the recipient of a gift, but you do!
you need
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Radio
Not long ago, a song can be ordered by sending an email with the request for any radio.At the same time on the envelope had to write the date of the alleged release of "musical greetings" and the song you want to hear.Nowadays, technology far ahead, and now the order of the song before its release into the air are minute.

So to order a song, you need to call in a live radio station, talk to the DJ and send greetings on the air, and then enjoy the ordered song.
Another way - is to send the order songs through the radio station.Almost every station has its own website with the order form
composition.To do this, go to the site, enter data into the form, and listen to the radio waiting for greetings.
You can also order via sms song requests.Keep in mind that at each station its own short numbers, do not mix them, otherwise you have to wait a long time greeting.
sometimes on sites of radio stations operate chats online.Thus it is possible not only to order even faster songs on the radio, but also to communicate directly with radio DJs.

Tip 2: How to order a song on the radio Chanson

Order on radio song for yourself, a friend or a loved one has now become much easier than in the recent past.The radio station "Russian chanson » also offers a variety of ways, which give the opportunity.
How to order a song on the radio Chanson
You can try to reach Moscow radio station by phone +7 (495) 223-55-50.The call is free, but do not forget that the call from another city you will have to pay like any long distance.
Hour on radio valid voice portal through which you can send greetings, congratulations, or listen and download your favorite song on your mobile.Call to number 0932 from your mobile phone and follow the instructions that you hear after the connection.Cost of service in one minute is approximately 22 rubles depending on the operator.
dialing to any radio often problematic, especially during the ether, when executed by the application of listeners.In this case, send a text message to the short number 1030. The cost of one message is 30 rubles, depending on your operator.
If you want to hear your favorite song on a particular day, please send a request for the program "just for you!", This can be done via the website radio station link chanson.ru/request / request.php.Fill in all required fields of the proposed forms: first and last name, your occupation, how do you, for whom and what song want to order, when they wanted to hear it on the air.Also fill the field for the text of your application, which will be presented by leading radio station.
Going order song , pick up a few options as desired, you may not be.
Order song , focusing on the format of this radio station.The word « chanson » comes from the French «chanson» - the song.In the early twentieth century, the so-called vocal genre in the style of French cabaret.Classical performers in this genre - Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour.Under Russian chanson th generally understood the song of a typical social character, the text most often performed in the first person, often the performer is author of the work.This may be thieves song, bard, the military.Due to the lack of a clear definition of the term, a "Russian chanson » fall and Vladimir Vysotsky and L.Uspenskaya, and other distinct performers.
  • Radio Chanson
requests for short messages are always paid, specify the price at your service providers.
Helpful Hint
Before ordering a song, prepare another possible composition, if the radio is not just this.