you need
  • - remnants of yarn, about the same thickness:
  • - hook of appropriate size.
Consider the image of any fish.You will see that her body is a circle or oval.Could it also have a shape similar to a triangle.The fins and tail often triangular.Because of this, and we should proceed with the knitting.Patterns can do.However, for toys or pillows you need two parts of the body, and they should be the same.Make sure to remember or write down how much you add loops.
didactic element to the mat for fish-knit washcloths flat oval.Make a chain of air loops.In her circle of close is not necessary, it will be in the middle of the oval.At the end of the chain do 1 loop on the rise and knit a number of simp
le bars.In an initial loop of three tie bars.Turn the work so that the next row to knit on the other side of the chain.
Then knit simple spiral columns, uniformly adding loops.Opposite ends of the chain starting provyazyvayte one column of 3 or 5, as we did in the first row.In between also knit 2 column 1 so that the flat oval remained.Dovyazhite it to the desired size.
To make fish-toy or a pillow, tie two convex oval.Start them in the same way with the chains.With 3 rows in each column of the fifth tie two.The body should not be collected in folds, but must be sufficiently convex to attach a piece of foam or Paraple.The halves of the body connect to each other by simple columns, leaving a small hole and not interrupting the thread.Tamp toy and seal the seam.
fin can begin to knit from the body immediately.Schedule its beginning and end in the back of the fish.Knit a number of threads of a different color.With second-row start gradually lower hinge to a triangle.It can be anything.For example, it is possible to diminish uniformly along the edges on one loop at each even row.Then you get an isosceles triangle.And if you turn down the front of the loop through a series of 1, 2 and the rear - will fin sloping to tail.On the abdomen fish do 1 or 2 fin.It can simply be strips, which also starts from the body.Bind them to the desired length without the addition and subtraction of loops.
Tie tail.This item allows you to show imagination like no other.The tail can be made, for example, in the form of fringe associated ruler hook.It is possible to make it in the form of colored stripes or several triangles.Mounting methods may also be different.For example, tie strips.Put them together, aligning the short side, fasten hook and attach to the back of the torso.Likewise can link several triangles.If you have a loose synthetic thread, make a bundle of them, attach one end of it to the body, and the second - Fan.
Embroider eyes and mouth.They can and vyvyazat.For eye type chain of 5-7 air loops.Close it in a circle.Associate columns with 10-15 nakida in the ring.Tie eye to the body.