you need
  • - tape measure;
  • - the spokes;
  • - yarn;
  • - scissors;
  • - cardboard.
Choose the right color yarn.Pure wool, except for children's knitting wool, usually prickly.Upon contact with the exposed portions of the head cap connected from a wool, can cause irritation.Choose wool with small amounts of acrylic (about 30-40%), this yarn more elastic products it retains its shape and does not prick.Measure the circumference of the head, paving the measuring tape across the head, the ears and the frontal part.Tie a sample of yarn prepared by him calculate the number of loops required for the cap.
Dial on the spokes of the required number of loops and elastic knit, purl two alte
rnating and two end loops, 4-5cm.Then knit facial embroidery to the desired height.For the correct determination of this height, put a ruler on top of the head and attach to the head nedovyazannuyu cap.If the line and knitted fabric overlap, to gradually decrease the loop.
for the proper formation of the classic "Cockerel", divide the webs into two equal-size loops, half.Bates loops on both sides, every second row, provyazyvaya front of their facial thread, three at a time.When the spokes will be the number of loops of 10 cm close all the loops and sew top seam knit cap.
top hats "Cock" sew cord, 10-15cm long with a brush on the end.Cord fabricate the same yarn that was used for caps.To do this, cut three identical pieces of yarn equal to triple the length of the cord.Tie them with a knot and weave a thin braid, the end of which the same fix.For manufacturing brushes, wind the thread onto a piece of cardboard, which is equal in length to its size.For a small brush is enough to make 8-10 vitkov.Snimite yarn and tie in one place strong thread.The opposite side of the cut.Step back from the edge of the brush and rewind 2-3cm monochromatic brush floss.Brush attach the cord and sew to hat.