Before you start, decide what shape and size you need to get a sheet of paper.Think about what you want to draw the decor in which to use your product.Use scrap paper of different colors, add the pulp colored strings.Excellent decorate paper feathers and pieces of dried or live plants, as well as balls of foil.
Finely tear or cut sheets of paper, put them in a bowl, then pour the warm water.Mix well and let stand day.If you want to speed up the process, then boil for ten minutes.
Add glue and starch.This is to ensure that the paper fibers are integrally connected to each other, and the next sheet has become strong and flexible.
Take a blender and mix all qualitatively or mash y
our hands, went to a homogeneous mass.Press obtained a lump of water.
If you originally used paper and scrawled gray, you can whiten it means for bleaching hair.Again dissolve the paper fibers obtained lump small amount of water with the addition of starch or PVA glue.
Take a deep basin or other vessel tray or tray.In a frame with a metal mesh or plastic strain resulting mass.Make sure that the layer is laid down evenly.
Proceed to registration.To this end, the top mass can sprinkle seed.Place the flower petals or potolchennye shells.Any fine jewelry that will allow you to your imagination.
Prepare a stack of papers, lay a towel on top, and on it lay a lot of ready-made paper.Cover with another towel and lay on top of the press.Dry well for several days, periodically change the wet towels to dry.To accelerate the process you can use an iron or dryer after the first getting wet towel.But an accelerated version requires some experience.If you wish, you can get colored paper.At the stage of soaking, add the dye.