to build a very simple boat take the A4 sheet and fold it in half crosswise, combining the short side.Then, fold the resulting rectangle in half again in a vertical line, outlining the midline crease.
left and right upper corners bend to the center line, connecting together the edges of angles so that the bottom remains free strip width of 2 cm. The lower band bend up on both sides, and then remove the blank, to getfigure, resembling a diamond.
lower triangular part of the diamond, fold up both the front and rear.Then fold the bottom left and right edges of a triangle and bend the sides figure out.This ship is alr
eady possible to lower the water, but you can modify it and attach it to the sail.
sailboat can also make a square sheet of paper - Fold the sheet along the diagonals, and then put it in front of you so that the corners of the square looked up, down, left and right.This figure is similar to the simple diamond.
upper and lower edge of the triangle to bend the center of the square, and the resulting figure once again bend in half.Attach the figure mast and sail to the mast, and glue the box.
There is another way to fold a paper sailboat from - for a square sheet of paper Fold along the center line and diagonally to form the folds of sixteen squares.Bend towards the center of the four corners of a square, and then align the two edges of the blank with each other and with the center of a square.
Connect this way all the corners, turn the work and fold it in half diagonally.The small triangle on the right of the figures together to form the sail.