you need
  • - wooden plaque;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - Circular Saw;
  • - grinder or drill, equipped with a sanding attachment;
  • - stain and varnish for wood;
  • - decorations;
  • - liquid glue for wood.
Take a plate thickness of no more than a centimeter or other fruit tree, it is desirable to select a material that suits you energy.Cut out a rectangle from it 8-10 cm long and 8 cm wide. If you want to make a longer crest , you will need to bend it, then make sure that the fibers located along the article.Note, the more often will be located teeth, the shorter may be its height.
with a grinding wheel or a special attachment on a drill grind the workpiece so that it is smooth.
Outline the shape of the crest of a pe
ncil.Try to make it symmetrical, if you need to make a few articles cut from the paper pattern.
Take jigsaw wood or circular saw and carefully cut along the contour of the workpiece.Treat the edges with sandpaper.
Proceed to carving teeth.You can make frequent, like a comb teeth (approximate width of 2.5 mm, the distance between them is 1.5 mm) or more individual cloves at a great distance (in this case, make crest wider, so it is better to stay in the hair).Cut the teeth using a circular saw or jigsaw.
grinding wheels sharpen plane ridge on both sides so that the teeth become sharp along the surface.
Now each clove is necessary to focus on both sides.To do this, use the special attachment to a circular saw.
again treat homemade comb hair sandpaper and cover the stain and varnish.
After drying decorate crest .To do this, take the artificial flowers, cut them so that there was only a small part of the stem, and place in a beautiful composition.Down, add the leaves of green fabric.You can decorate crest beads, securing each on the line.
Glue all the elements of the composition using a liquid adhesive to the ridge and let it dry.If objects are large, secure from the furniture stapler, staples by bending the back.Additionally, you can enhance the design, wrapping it through the teeth of a transparent fishing line.