made a stern bow jewelry and men's formal gifts .Take the length of the belt tight, retains its shape, a length of 20 centimeters.Connect the ends and glue them.The resulting ring flatten so that the glued edges appeared in the middle.To hide place gluing, take another piece of tape with the same or a contrasting color.Wrap them flattened ring and glue the ends.
Take two belts of different shades of the same color.Their length shall be at least 20 centimeters, but one of the webs should be two times wider than the other.The ends of a wide ribbon and glue to connect.Over a narrow tape and apply glue the ends so that the seam was on top of the joint end of a wide band.Long tape having the same color as
the wide, wrap the workpiece.Tie a knot to cover both ends of the strips glued to the workpiece.The free end can be wrapped gift box.If their length is not enough, simply cut and paste them to bow to the present.
Find three bands, differing by color and width.The length of the broadest should be 20 centimeters, medium - 18 centimeters, and the narrowest - 16 centimeters.Make cuts on the ends of the ribbon in the form of the letter V. Make tiered bow, put it on a wide ribbon average, then the narrowest.Align the center of the belt, tighten the workpiece clip.Long ribbon bow tie middle and make a knot on the inside.
Decorate romantic gift terry bow.For its production, use rigid tape does not lose its shape.Clutching one end of a long ribbon between the edge of the palm and thumb, wrap it in hand.The layers are gently overlaid and remove the workpiece with your hands.Flatten it and make oblique V-shaped cuts in the sides of it.Gently move the layers so that you cut out the triangles at the center of the workpiece.Drag the center of the bow thread or wire.Make lush loops, straightening them in different directions.
Apply for an expensive gift exquisite French bow.Take a dense silk or satin ribbon, retains its shape.Take it from 6 segments, each of which must be 2 cm shorter than the previous one.Take their rings, glue and flatten the ends so that the joints at the center.Place the rings on each other, starting with the largest.Insert your thumb into the smallest of the top ring and tighten them bow.Secure the workpiece stapler.Insert a small ribbon in the top ring and glue it below the tips.