you need
  • - Lightweight waterproof fabric;
  • - mesh fabric;
  • - Blocks;
  • - lace;
  • - releasable fastener.
choosing fabric for jackets, give priority to those that are used for sportswear, for example, a light poplin with a waterproof coating.Cutting of the fabric of the two parts shelves, flirt, back, sleeves and hood.Then fabricate a back yoke and four burlap pockets.From cutting mesh fabric lining of the hood.
Follow on shelves welt pockets with leaves with a set ends with a zipper.Defer ledge along all pockets and close to the seam pritachivaniya lightning.Then follow the middle seam.Allowances cut off close to the line, neaten together and then iron in one direction.
Sew yoke to the shelves and back.Then iron the seams allowances to them.Defer a decorative stitch.At the level of the
waist and the back of the shelves punch eyelets.Do not forget to place on the punching eyelets priutyuzhit from the wrong side of my canvas lining.
Details Sew along the lines of the shoulders.Neaten allowances together, then iron them back.The open armholes Sew sleeves.Along the seams defer back, yoke and shelves.Single line on each side make the seam sleeves and side seam.
Follow the side seams at the waist, fold it in half lengthwise wrong side inward and taking along the longitudinal sections open and stretching, Stitch Belt to lower edge windbreakers.Loosen up the seam allowances. windbreaker topstitch along the seam pritachivaniya decorative elastic stitch.
Stitch each collar into the ring, fold in half lengthwise and stretching, sew a lower edge of the sleeve.Then iron allowances up and defer as belt.Releasably zipper Unscrambling.Put each half along the edge of the side and on the belt (the outer side down) and sew.
Sew hood halves together.Do the same with the details of the mesh fabric.Fold the hood lined the front side and Sew the personal slice.Sew hood in the neck.The eyelets on the waist thread the cord, put on the ends and tie a decorative tips for nodules.