you need
  • yarn and needles or hook
The first question that arises before you begin to knit for baby: "What kind of yarn to choose?" The main criterionOf course, a great quality yarn for young children best quality acrylic, merino wool, alpaca wool, cotton and viscose.Should choose soft, thornless yarn.Do not buy baby clothes for mohair, angora, lurex thread.Kids mouthing everything and can easily be caught in the throat to choke mohair fluff.
for all sorts of costumes, pinetok, mittens and bonnets preferable to use a thin thread that the articles are more comfortable to wear.The thickness of the yar
n is usually indicated on the package in 50 meters or 100 g.Knitting children's clothes suit yarn thickness from 135m to 200m in the 50g to 100g to work with such threads need a hook or knitting needles № 3. A garment, a coat or jacket, and you can link from the more coarse and thick yarn, in this case,use a hook and spokes larger diameter.
The following is a sample bind 10 x 10 cm, the selected pattern.Calculate the density of knitting easy.We only need to see how many loops you get in one centimeter.Let your knitting density of 3 loops in one centimeter.Multiply that by the number of loops to the desired girth, so you get the required number of loops for the dialer number.
After having done a number of dial-up, a few centimeters knit band.It is best to knit eraser 1 * 1 as the elastic deformation of the least exposed and looks beautiful.
Children things knit of bright yarn.On the product will look cute drawing beloved hero of the cartoon or any plot.In order to make the scheme such a pattern, it should be moved to the canvas, where one cell will be equal to one loop.
for children's clothes can be used and unusual mating, for example, knitting elongated loops, so-called "fur".With this method of knitting can be connected as separate items of costume, for example, a collar, and the product completely.A jacket or waistcoat, tied in such a way will look like a real fur coat and very pleasant to your kid.Be creative, and give your child a lot of beautiful and warm things associated with love and care.