you need
  • - transparent wrapping paper;
  • - colored tape width of 1-3 cm;
  • - artificial or natural flowers;
  • - embroidery, lace or crochet openwork fabric;
  • - decorative lace;
  • - beads with large holes;
  • - nail polish, acrylic paints, brushes.
Use a large sheet of transparent wrapping paper without drawing.This method of design gifts are good, if you are going to fill cart different delicacies, such as caviar in a beautiful jar, champagne, gourmet cheese and biscuits in an unusual package.Put cart the center.Tighten up the four corners, form a nice crease.Tie a knot in the film with satin ribbons, a few pieces of different colors can be folded together.Tie a bow.It can be dense and have a right shape, or, conversely, the tape may cascade down the e
dges of the polyethylene.
Decorate basket with flowers and ribbons, this method of decoration is suitable if you are going to visit at Easter.Choose artificial or fresh flowers, cuttings enter them in weaving wicker baskets, hide among them.In this way decorate the edge of the basket.To fix, you can use transparent tape.On the handle bow tie, the bottom Shots beautiful cloth suitable shade.If you do not have flowers, obveyte edge of the basket and handle tape by entering its end between the bars, pull, perekin'te tape in the opposite direction and repeat the procedure several times.
Tie openwork crochet strip.Its length should be sufficient to encircle the widest place of the basket.Grab lace needlework thread on the edge of the basket.If you are unable to associate the item, use the embroidery or lace with a large pattern.
Select large beads with large holes.If not, you can use wooden rings from children's pyramids or parts of the Soviet rustling curtains patterned with palm trees.Paint the beads nail lacquers or bright acrylic paints, leave to dry completely.Tie a twig from the inside baskets decorative lace.Get him on the front side, nanizhite bead, thread in the weave.So walk around the edge.Secure the strap on the inside.