Measure the circumference of the head.This value is needed to calculate the number of loops required for the base cap.Displacement of the head in centimeters, multiply by 2 or 4 (depending on the thickness of the yarn).
Pick a pattern and determine the density of knitting.For the men's hats are traditionally used different types of gum - 1x1, 2x2, British, French, etc.This binding looks quite sporty and appropriate.Colored models are often presented with ornaments of several colors, perform normal facial loops.
Tie sample selected pattern and determine the density of knitting.Dial on circular needles basic amount of loops.Do not forget to add 2 edge loops.
knit 13-15 cm band.Certain types of rubber bands tight, others
- fitting more loosely.During knitting yarn tension monitor, which should be optimal.In the process of socks tight gum can cause discomfort.Too free gum will not hold the cap.
Vyvyazhite basic fabric caps.Calculate the required length of hats.To do this, measure the distance from the gum to the crown of the old caps.Knits are well drawn, so it is important that the cap has not turned out too big.If possible, make several fittings while working on a cap.If you are working without a model, do stock up on the amount of the head - cap in the process of socks a little settled and stretched.It is necessary to link the man's hat selected basic pattern.You can continue knitting the same rubber band, you can change the pattern.
Cut Loop.Start a uniform decrease of loops.Divide the web parts and 7-8 subtract one loop at the end of each piece.You can associate a man's hat, without subtraction of loops, if required by the model.Rectangular caps, pulled together at the end, look stylish and modern, but these models have to be bulky and spacious in its main parts.
Complete knitting.Pull the thread with the remaining ten loops and sew the edge of the hat.