you need
  • sheet of paper, pencil, fabric, needles, thread, scissors, beads, crystals, tape, Velcro, elastic hat, lighter.
Plan model dresses for Barbie decide - whether it is a dress to the floor, or a skirt ends above the knees.Draw a pencil on paper sketch of the future dress, be sure to picture the front and rear.Even if you're not very nice draw, will be able to be represented as essential parts: the length dresses, skirts its splendor, top notch, etc.
Prepare the fabric for the dress.It can be silk, satin, brocade, etc.Please note that the edges of natural silk bloom heavily and melted over a fire, and the edges of the atlas, you can accurately oplavit lighter that is not dis
solved in the thread.For elegant dress suits are rarely jersey, satin or cotton.If you are planning a double skirt - buy lace, organza, tulle or lace.
fabric color choose to your taste, but remember that the most elegant dresses have delicate shades - pink, blue, peach and white.If you wish to combine several colors, pick a palette of saturation, ie,when one of bright, vivid colors and others need to be saturated, and when using a pale color - and the other flap take pastels.
to cut out the fabric, you can produce a first pattern, or go the other way - just mark the appropriate line on the fabric.Make measurements of the dolls, becauseBarbie - a miniature doll, will be more convenient to use a thread, not a centimeter tape.Measure waist and drag to the size of the pattern.If you want to make a skirt "polusolntse" Fold the fabric in half and measure the distance from the corner, and if you like fluffy skirt "sun" - the fabric must be folded four times.Pattern straight skirt resembles a rectangle.From the waist doll, measure the length of skirts and mark the pattern.Back down the line, is the length of 3 mm and draw another line, the stock material is needed for the hem.If you noticed all the measurements on the pattern - transfer parameters details on the material.
Get to the top of the markup dresses.For Barbie easier to sew the top of a dress or a corset-type shirt, but elegant dresses more suitable first option.If you have planned another sketch style, for example, cleavage with the transition to the shoulders, you can sew the fabric on top of the corset.To mark measure doll corset waist, breast volume and height of the product from the waist to the top of the chest.Transfer the measurements to the fabric.
Cut dress details, opal edge over the lighter if the material is easily melted.Begin to sew the product.The waist skirt is possible to pass a hat gum to dress easy to put on.Otherwise, make the cut from the back and to Sew a piece of Velcro tape.One part of the tape with the sticky basis sew one half of the dress, and the other with hooks - to another.Be sure to neaten the edges of the product.
dress can be decorated with rhinestones or beads embroider.To do this, sew jewelry according to your sketch.You can also dress embroider beads symmetrically in the form of flowers or randomly on the type of bright placers.You can decorate a dress, for example, spiral sew lace ribbon at the hem of the dress.