you need
  • - hook №6;
  • - acrylic yarn;
  • - fancy yarns.
Start knitting booties to toe.First tie 3 air loops and close them in the ring connecting column.On the basis of the resulting small circle follow the first row of six columns without nakida.
After circular number do one air textile shackle to lift and begin gradual expansion of the web.To this end, in the third round make adding - to each child tie a loop on a pair of columns without nakida.
in the fourth row sock booties make such alternations: the first loop of the lower number - 1 column without nakida;the secon
d - 2;Circle provyazyvaetsya continue the pattern until the work will not be a total of 18 loops.
continue to shape the toe of the article as follows: in the ranks of the fifth to seventh in each child textile shackle do one without the pillar nakida.In the eighth circle 1 bar without nakida first loop are 1 - and second pair of bars - in the third.
the beginning of the ninth series of your canvas should consist of 24 business loop (this is enough for 35 or foot size).Try the finished sock on the foot of the child, if necessary, adjust the amount of detail.
followed by knitting booties in a circle without the addition of columns, until you reach the instep.In this example, the web should reach 11-12 cm in length.
Go to the forward and reverse rows of knitting.To create a cutout of the product at the end of the last series of circular knit 4 additional air loop and expand the work.
with 20 loops, and the last 4 neprovyazannymi leave.Keep working on the model, each with a number of air loop start and end column without nakida - it is performed in the air downstream textile shackle number.
Dovyazhite booties to the total length of the foot (here - 22 cm).Proceed to perform the heel of the product.
Make 13 columns without nakida from the edge of the work, then the next couple of loops (fourteenth and fifteenth) knit together.This is followed by connecting the column and the column without nakida (seventeenth in a row).
Turn the knitting and miss one loop.Bind on 3 column without nakida;fourth and fifth together;and a connecting bar without nakida (seventh).Again, expand the job and continue to work this way, until you reach the rim of the product.
When the heel is to be formed, other booties follow.Finished shoes tie on the upper edge of the two rows of columns without nakida contrast of fancy yarns.Top products can be decorated with colorful embroidery.