Pick the bar for the neck.Neck of the guitar can be smooth or have a trough, which is very difficult to form, so you'd better stay on the first version.Straighten the guitar fretboard.To do this, align and sand the body lining, pre-determine whether the neck to bend.Evaluate with strained strings to the neck receives a standard load.Use the normal tension of 50 kg.

If you want to bend the neck is not a strung, use high-quality timber with a tight grip (black, ebony).
Apply to work with the stamp of the cycle and sandpaper, in any case, not plane.Constantly look along the neck on both sides, mark flat and uneven surfaces.
Make a deck.The deck consists of two parts, the seam falls on the middle of the guitar.Keep the material in December guitar was firmly sustained, and walked along the layers of wood the size of the workpiece.Sawn December consists of two thin plates of wood, which ideally are longitudinal portions of a single plank.Form select a template.
Pick a tree for spring fan system, the layers of the spring must be on the deck, so use a fine-grained and maximum radial wood.Suitable spruce or cedar.
Ripa is made from blanks with a cross section 20x10 mm.Calculate the length of their terms and gluing his body.
Now for the footer.The layers of the upper position the footer on the deck along its length.You can use the crop for harvesting in December.Install the lower footer that reinforces gluing both parts of the deck, keep it, on the contrary, the layers are arranged crosswise and strengthens the joint.For internal footer, too, can take pruning harvesting in December, just cut off with the end of the bar.
Make a stand made of durable material.
Select the material for the lower nut of the guitar.The ideal option is bone, which can be bought.Make
mantle of any dense material, it is better if the material coincides with the material of the shells of the bottom.
Flex shell by heating and wet wood.The upper and lower Klets, kontrobechayki, Kant, and better to buy a ready outlet.
bottom fabricate guitar of the same workpiece as the deck.Now assemble all the parts and glue in the order you desire.