you need
  • - parquet acrylic lacquer;
  • - color laser printing;
  • - spray paint white car or acrylic;
  • - green acrylic paint;
  • - masking tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - Brush;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - for tracing patterns.
Before restoration heels, you must completely remove them from the old tight.After this procedure Heels rinse thoroughly and allow them time to dry completely.
Using sandpaper treat dried heels.Such grinding is necessary in order to process the surface becomes smooth and even, but at the same time roughened.Thanks to this procedure decoupage hold on much longer.
Taking masking tape, wrap them all the areas of shoes, which will not be involved in the restoration.Open only to stay a heel.Then apply the white spray paint on the polished surface of
the heel.Due white paint application that will adorn the heel, will retain its color and brightness.
chosen motif printed on a laser color printer, and then treat it colored side acrylic parquet lacquer.First, a varnish must be applied horizontally.Once the first layer is completely dry, apply the second layer, but vertically.As a result, motive should be covered with five layers of lacquer.
dove motif treated with varnish to dry completely, turn it to the side of the colorless.Wet the paper layer with water, wait for it razmoknet, then gently begin to take it off.It is desirable to do so evenly.If necessary, moisten with water this listing.
Wrap a piece of tracing paper heel - it should be exactly the same size as the heel.Redraw all bends, move the resulting pattern on the colored appliqué.
Heels apply acrylic parquet lacquer, and it therefore stick a cut printout.All surplus motive neatly cut off with scissors.After drying varnish, cover glued motif with another layer of lacquer and again put out to dry shoes.Perform this procedure several times.
Heel acquired an unusual but very bright colorful look!If desired, you can decorate a strip of green paint on the platform.To paint is kept much longer, mix it in equal proportions with acrylic parquet lacquer.