Elegant rose satin ribbon

To produce this flower pick up a wide satin ribbon in white, pink, purple or red length of about 1 meter.Besides it, you will need:
- scissors;
- thread;
- needle;
- Lighter.

to the edge while the ribbon is not showered, opal them lighter.One end on the underside of the bend angle of 45 degrees.Start spinning the resulting corner, forming the middle of a rosebud.Make a few turns and secure job, making a couple of stitches "forward needle" at the bottom of the future flower.

Then fold the bottom side of the satin ribbon so that its edge is located near the curved portion cut, bend construction of this line in half and sew seam "forward needle".Turn the work again and fold the tape as described above, sew the fold.Repeat in this manner until the end of the ribbon, and the thread at the end of the work is
not interrupted.

Gently pull the seam evenly distributing the assembly and begin to twist around midway flower bud, which is made at the very beginning.Each turn fix a pair of stitches at the bottom of the rose.


Dahlia Dahlia fabric will look much more impressive if we make it out of wide satin ribbon two shades such as light yellow for the center and light pink to petal.In addition to these materials, you will need:
- scissors;
- thread;
- needle;
- Lighter;
- polymer adhesive fabric;
- cautery (you can replace it with a knife);
- metal ruler.

satin ribbon 5 cm wide cut into pieces with a length of 6.5 cm each.Total required 60 similar items.From the shade of yellow ribbons make 16 elements long by 4 cm each.

ribbons fold in half wrong sides together, attach them to the metal line at a slight angle and cut through sections of cautery.He at the same time help to make a smooth cut and glue the edge details.This procedure can be performed using a knife.Heat the blade on fire and run through the slice.A narrower parts round off the edge with scissors and Opal his lighter.The lower section of the fingers and flatten too Opal.So turn out the details for the dahlia petals.

of satin ribbons, cut a circle with a diameter of 5 cm at its center is located 12 petals and glue them to a polymer glue.The next - position the parts between the petals of the first tier.So stick 5 series.In the sixth part, attach a light yellow hue.