to cook trousers velvet 1.5 m on a knitted basis or stretch-velvet 1.5 m wide. These dimensions fit figure with a width of 100 cm at the hip height 170 cm.
Fold the fabric in half and cut, you will have two identical paintings of 75 x 150 cm.

Now each cut fold again in half in width and place on the tableon one another.
Depart from the fold 10 cm and 20 cm side down, and connect these points in a semicircle.
Cut a semicircle on each of the pieces of fabric.You will turn the cut leg.

Fold trouser legs folded together.Folds - a breech side, which are placed on the inner side of the foot.
Stitch trousers by a semicircle that you cut out.Boca tack thread in several place
s, to leave cuts on the edge of the fabric beads or sequins nasheyte.
Now insert an elastic band on the top edge of the trousers, the length of the rubber bands will be equal to the volume of your thighs.Likewise, sew the lower edges of the gum, their length is equal to the volume of your lower leg.Wide trousers are ready.
to create bodice pick up a bra without ryushek and cut away the side and rear straps, leaving only the bonded cup.It is better that they are triangular - a form of visually increases breast size.

Take a small piece of the same fabric from which you sewed trousers and pin his needles to the bottom edge of the cup.Wrap bodice so that the fabric is flat.The surplus on top put in the tuck.
then chip fabric of the bodice and Sew tuck on the machine.In the same way do the harvesting for another cup.

carefully baste fabric to the cups, tucking into 0.5-1 cm.
at an angle of 45 degrees to the side straps to carve out a bodice, bastethem to the places where there were old straps.In place of the fastening hooks sew English.

on tissue located between the cups, funny brooch.Arabic costume ready.