Tip 1: How to make a mask of a lion

process of making the muzzle of a lion of papier-mache and artificial fur is quite labor intensive and prolonged, but unlike paper masks a much more durable and attractive.
you need
  • - tissue paper to create the mask;
  • - paste;
  • - faux fur short haired white, yellow, and black;
  • - faux fur with long pile of brown color;
  • - black fishing line mustache;
  • - velvet or fleece tan ear;
  • - gum;
  • - glue, stapler, thread, needle.
Follow the mask in papier-mâché.To do this, inflate a conventional balloon, it must match the size of the head of the child for which the mask is done.With freshly brewed paste glue small pieces of tissue paper to the surface.Leave to dry completely.So take a few layers.Give the frame to dry on the ball.
Pierce ball, carefully remove the basis for future mask.With the help of a blade or a knife for cutting paper cut too much, give a shape corresponding to the face of a lion .Remember that the mask will cover the upper part of the face, including the no
Attach future mask to the face of the child, mark where the eyes are located.Draw a pencil, make a slit blade.
Make a pattern of white faces, black nose, fake fur.All other surface you can put stripes of yellow faux fur.
Glue the yellow stripes on a transparent adhesive gel base to the frame made of papier-mache "joint to joint."Follow the direction of the nap.To domain sockets was precisely delineated, you can fold the strips on the back of the mask and there is glue them.
Make pattern lugs lion in a semi-circle of velvet, plush or fleece suitable shade.Sew the two parts into the pile, turn, cut the edge.Attach the ears to the top of the mask stapler or sew.
Glue the white part of the cheeks to the face of a lion .Attach the nose, after placing them under the three mustache black fishing line on each side.
Cut the mane of a lion fur with long pile.Note that the item should be symmetrical about the center line.Glue it to the mask.
Cut a piece of gum, with which the mask is fixed on the head.Take in the lateral parts of the mask slots Thread the elastic in them, adjust its length and secure.

Tip 2: How to

Knitted lion king of beasts - a great gift for both adults and children.You will need a small piece of wire, the remnants of thread of orange and white flowers, a piece of black fur.
How to make a lion
you need
  • Abbreviations loops:
  • • VP- Air loop;
  • • RLS - bar without nakida;
  • • CLO - bar with nakida;
  • • PS - polustolbik
wire to make the future framework lion .From white thread type chain CPKnit it to the middle of RLS.From the center of the chain type 5 CPand then continue to knit sc flat three petal detail.The last two series of increases without provyazyvayte.In the next two rows, you must reduce the number of loops, so that would make a "bag."When finished, the remaining thread drag muzzle.End of the line of secure and hide.
How to
Threads orange type of canvas faces RLS.Knit be a decrease that would muzzle slightly tapered.Knit the required number of rows, knit in the opposite direction, provyazyvaya in each column of the previous row two columns.Tying a half head vvyazhite frame.Then continue knit sc, as appropriate diminishing their number.
ears to dial pink thread on the head several CLOs.Repeat the same orange thread.Connect both parts of the SS knit.The second ear associate similarly.Then tie the eyes and tail.
How to
Dial on the basis of the head, a circular row of SS 5-6.Continue to work tieing framework, as required by typing or subtracting columns.Fur and mane make the pompons on the tail.Mane can either sew or glue the head of a lion .